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  1. MacWorld 2006 - Steve Jobs Keynote

    Apples and oranges. Yes that is my contribution.
  2. Xbox 360 Console Discussion

    Can someone please let me know when Elder Scrolls, Halo or Fable are out? Thanks!
  3. Arghhh! I need a mac

    I much prefer Macs over Windows PCs because of the OS; Mac OS X is just way better than Windows whatever, in my reasonably humble opinion. It might seem that most people say Macs are crap, etc, but that's because most people do, as most people have Windows. People always say 'this' is crap, if they have 'that'. Anywho, back to the real topic! Unless you really want to carry your computer around, I'd wait a few weeks and get the slightly upgraded mini. As far as I know the lack of core image only means it can't do the super snazzy, yet pointless visual effects. I could be wrong though.. And I think they've said it'll be late next year when they start to move to intel, so whatever you buy, it'll be a while till it's behind the times, so to speak. Or if you haven't already got a monitor (pretty unlikely..), get the eMac. And just remember, the more RAM the better. It makes way more difference than the extra ghz. 512mb's been fine for me, but if you want to use all those apps at the same time, I'd go for 1gb. Also worth a note: You can use USB meese on Macs, so that means any 7 button microsoft whatever.
  4. The best console this generation.

    I've voted Xbox, basically because of Halo 2 and Live. If it wasn't for the joys of shooting people, it'd be Gamecube easily. And I don't even own a PS2..
  5. Fable: The Lost Chapters

    It's nothing like Skies of arcadia, and it is pretty darn short, but it's a brilliant adventure game. I think of it as a next gen Zelda, with the dungeons replaced by average fighting bits. Edit: I'm talking about fable on xbox by the by. I think lost chapters is pretty much the same though.
  6. Opera is now a free browser.

    But it's crazy... it's all... weird.. The tab bar is under the navigation buttons.. crazy.. It's crazy! But apart from that, there's no thumbnail tabs, so it's a massive step down from Safari with Safaristand, or Omniweb. It is now at least my 5th browser of choice though.
  7. Football Season 05/06

    Good points there! Ah, that was no where near as good as him being shot last season, after he'd hand balled it in the area. That was hilarious. Anywho, I'm predicting 2-0 to us, or 2-0 to Liverpool. I'm thinking we'll either get our act together, and they'll fall apart, or the other way round Liverpool's goals were great on tuesday by the by. Garcia's was amazingly slick. They play so nicely on their day.
  8. FM2006 demo is out

    Another disappointing FM Hardly any changes to anything.. And in my mind, they've got the player stats completely off in a lot of cases. I know that's just opinion, but back in the day I always agreed with SI's ratings of players. I think I might buy Champ 01/02 again.
  9. Football Season 05/06

    Van Persie is only getting a 1 match ban! He kicks a player in the face, so he needs stiches around both eyes, and Rooney claps and gets a 3 game ban! Where's the logic in that? I do think Wayne deserved to get sent off, but it's been totally blown out of proportion. And Gabby's injury is very bad news Hopefully Richardson, and then Fortune/O'shea can do half decent there.. Edit: Fierce_Link, I'm pretty sure Heinze has been amazingly fit for us since he's signed. He's played pretty much every game, and has played in the south american tourney, whatever it's called.. each pre season for argentina. He might have done too much really..
  10. Fraid so. Although I hadn't noticed it until I read this.. I'm using Safari if that's of any relevance. Edit: confusion all over the place!
  11. Lovin the new look

    I love the look of the main site, but this forum is just so grey... and they're both too wide for my little screen. But, on the positive, the main site looks classy, way better than ol' cube europe Oh yeah, hello everyone!