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  1. RedShell, you made my signature, right?


    It has dissapeared!?

    How is this possible? Do you still have it on your pc somewhere?

  2. It sure is, Darksnowman. It suuuuure is :D

  3. Yo, you still down for that code exchange.

    Apparently I will register the game and get the code for the game you want, then you can just use that as you please I reckon.

  4. Much obliged my good lad! Much obliged.


    I hope you had a good day as well.


    Fused King will do nicely, thanks :)

  5. Will get the Police Hat as soon as I can and contact you about it.

  6. Sorry, I'll be playing Advance Wars Thursday evening, so no can do.


    Perhaps some other time :)

  7. I played some 'Rush Mode' in Luigi's Mansion 2 online yesterday and it's really hard.


    Evertime we were with 3 people, but you really need to stick together, otherwise someone could get stuck and the other might also get stuck and then you cannot find those clocks for extra time.

    We did it on Expert level, 5 floors, be we never did manage to complete it.


    We should try that with a 3rd person sometimes.


    Tonight we're aiming for some ol'school ghost-huntin'.

  8. Ah, I'm sorry David but I actually thought this game was quite expensive to get my hands on in my country, but it turns out I can get it at about half your price, so I am going to have to decline the offer.


    I think this is a sign that you should keep the game and cherish it :3

  9. If that back account stuff proves difficult, I also have paypal and am able to transfer the 15 pounds that way as well.

  10. You lucky bastard.


    Can we expect a Review before launch?

  11. Is that so. . .haha


    Here in Europe?


  13. I feel sorry for Iwata for having to cause a nuclear disaster in L.A.



  14. I shall react to your lengthy private post in due time.


    I received your Wii-Speak shennanigens, mighty fine beat-boxing there.

  15. That's mah boy!


    It's a great game, but be warned:


    I'm biased, for I'm very interested in Ancient Japan :3


    Let me just say that the charm on the game relies heavily on the artstyle, the dialogue and the music. Not so much the gameplay.

    The dialogue is packed with lots of humour, it's such a treat!


    It's kind of like Muramasa in that regard.


    Edit: Ah, apparently now my avatar doesn't work in such an 'intimate' post. Ah well.....

  16. Added you on my 3DS.


    My Code: 3523 - 2023 - 2902

  17. She's in the very last Castlevania game that was made for the DS.

    She uses glyphs, monsters drop these and she can harness them to get new powers, so it's more or less like the Sorrow games.

    However, it's goes back to a more gothic style, so no anime, and has a notable darker tone to it.


    That, and the music is brilliant!

  18. Haha, yeah, my girl was googling some nicknames from the forum, and we were, well, ...left in awe when we saw what pooped up with your nickname...


    Why is this?

  19. On the left we have Shanoa (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia for DS) and right is indeed THAT WESKER GUY: ALBERT WESKER!

    most slick video game character every created.

  20. Ah, I've been following 'BrawlInTheFamily' for about a year now and have read all the comics. Awesome stuff!

    I especially like the ones with Waluigi in them ~~u~~

  21. Weet je zeker dat de goede code hebt ingevuld, zowel bij jezelf als bij die van mij, want je ik voeg je nu net toe en je verschijnt nog niet met je Mii en alles....

  22. Got you on my 3DS, man!

    My code: 3523-2023-2902

  23. Looking forward to the new plans you made regarding the N-MK7-League :D


    Still waiting for my copy to arrive though, but rest assured, I'll be there.

    I just hope my new internet will hold up, .....ah, this mystical thing called internet:awesome:

  24. Well, there's no rush, but I just hope you'll remember it and try to finish it for me someday.

    I'd appreciate it a lot!


    I'll see you on the tracks, buddy :3