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  1. Post Your Purchases

    It IS a well known fact... right?
  2. Post your setup and game/DVD collection

    I have Kururin Squash (Cube) from Japan... happy with that as it didn't come out in the rest of the world. Trauma Center for the DS from the USA, happy with that because the USA DS boxes are much better and it took a few months before it was out in Europe. And Electroplankton from Japan. Man that took long to come out in Europe so not regretting that at all. The box (with earplugs) is very cool as well.
  3. Post your setup and game/DVD collection

    Haha yeah, luxury problems. I dont have that with PAL / import games though. I find it pretty nice to have a few imports in my collection, just to show of the differences between regions.
  4. Post your setup and game/DVD collection

    So, I've edited my first post with some more photos. Hope you fine folks enjoy it. It's somewhere in the middle of this page.
  5. Your First Love...

    First love. Some might say love is overrated by nothing beats that feeling in your body, you;re both happy and sad (if you dont have him/her yet). Being in love doesnt last forever, but loving someone can. My first REAL love was a teenage relationship. People said we would break up, we're just too young. We're together for 5,5 years now. Do not listen to the world. Listen to your heart. Yeah, you can laugh now.
  6. Post your setup and game/DVD collection

    Thanks man. They were available in Tilburg, the Netherlands, gameshop Foregames. My gf bought them for me because she knows how important Nintendo games are for me (and somewhat for her as well). Don't know if you can get them anywhere else. I suppose you can but where? Don't know. Good luck. Well, I have to be honest, I sometimes pass on a night out to add a game or something, but it's all about doing some work and all. I mean, I can still manage to go out for a drink once or twice in two weeks, I go on holidays and both movies and music are big passions also, so no my money does not go to games all the time. The only thing that might make you less jealous is the fact that even though a collection like mine might seem much, to me it doesn´t seem a lot. You know why? The bigger your collection get, the more you want. You´ll only see the negative aspects of collection topics, like you´ll only see it when people have more than you. Im not saying I am not satisfied with it... I realise there are millions of people on earth that have it so bad compared to you and me... but the human mind, its a tricky thing. You keep thinking the grass is greener on the other side. ... not to mention I don´t even play through all my games. Why the hell do I keep buying them then? Its so dumb. Anyone knows that problem? Being a collector sucks.
  7. Post your setup and game/DVD collection

    Thanks a lot man. Sorry that it's blurry, just got this new digital cam and its a bitch to focus with it, haha. Maybe I'm just too high all the time. Anyway, I want it to reflect a store, more or less. Its too bad I have to store all my other games in some drawers. Mostly NES, SNES and N64 games that don't have any boxes anymore. No boxes makes me very sad indeed. I'm so crazy that I'm often tempted to buy a N64 game I already have, just for the box. Well, crazy, perhaps just sad. Oh, and let me add, topics like these rule. They can give you awesome ideas. I have to admit, they can also make one very jelous, but hey, we all should be happy with what we got, right.
  8. Post your setup and game/DVD collection

    Hey guys, I always love this thread so I thought, what better way to show my appreciation by participating. Also, this excludes my pretty big DVD/CD collection. Also, I posted this some time ago on Neogaf as well, so. Eh. Yeah. Attention: this is version 2.0. Added photo's for extra awesomeness and excite. A few facts: - I still live in my parents home. I'm 22 now so when Im done studying journalism next year, I should be on my way to my own apartment (with my current gf if we're still together then - I'm so used to tag 'if we're still together then' behind it because people somehow think you can't have a serious relationship when you're this age). So this is also my bedroom. - I don't spend all my money on my collections. I'm very much into games and second and third comes music and movies, but still, I have enough to go out or to go on holiday. It's not like I spend my entire life just getting this collection. I suggest to everyone to do the same, as, you know, just collecting in your life isn't really considered living... - Please don't view me as a spoiled brad. I work hard for some of this stuff, thank you. Alright, without further nonsense, here we go. Tour de collection La Moz. My Samsung 32"" HDTV... pretty happy with it, even though most of you have bigger ones. Its perfect if you're a feet or two away from it. Even though its LCD, I'm very satisfied with the darker tones on it, and the brighter colours are fantastic. And behind it my current most played consoles. PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii. This summer, PS3 will join them. It will not replace the PS2 since Sony decided to screw Europe over with B/C. And here is my main gaming shelf. Needs to be fed more games but hey, Im just a student. Another photo of my gaming shelf with a dif. colour on my digital cam (sorry for some of the blurryness, Im not very good at it), so maybe you can make out some of the games more. A close up of the little Mario characters. My gf bought them for me because she knows I'm into Nintendo if anything. She digs Nintendo as well, don't worry. My gaming / tv couch with what appears to be a white appearance above the pillow... a ghost? Sick. New PC bought this year... with Vista, can easily handle Crysis me thinks. Of course, I have trash (well, expensive trash) in my drawers just like everyone else. When I'm on my own, I hope I can create a videogame room where all this stuff is presented neatly. The beginnings of my book collection. Not a lot, I know, but it's something. In there is some 'literature' on how to be a good journalist I have to read for school. Fuck that. A good journalist is experiencing stuff. With his or her own eyes, mind, feelings. Not by reading someone else go through that. The DVD collection in shoddy Ikea furniture. As you can see, I'm a sucker for series, Tarantino and stuff like that. Close up of the DVDs. My CD collection. I just keep the music that I find the very best, music I really cannot live without. The rest is in MP3 form on my computer. Representing the best band in the world on my bedroom door. And on my ceiling. And, of course, the best game series. Well, that's it folks. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy this topic. I love seeing other collections. Keep this thread alive!
  9. Legalize It!

    Indeed. And yes, it should be legalized. Wait, I live in the Netherlands, it IS legal here. I don't see what the big deal is, is Holland some sort of country with fools? Are we the scum of Europe? I don't think so. We're doing OK thank you very much so here is your proof that legalizing it is no problem whatsoever. But hey, keep on believing the scary stories of cannabis destoying lives. All the more smelly green shiii for me I guess.
  10. Wii Porn (Post your Wii setup: 56k warning!)

    For all your information, Im from the netherlands and didnt pre-order... I just waited outside on Thursday night / friday morning for 10 hours in Rotterdam. So yeah. I think I deserve it.
  11. Smoking ban comes kick in on July 1st 2007

    Meh, I still don't think its the good thing. I'm not even very anarchistic or anything but I really don't like the government telling me what to do in which place. And I always was a sensible smoker, not standing next to someone else waiting for the bus to come while smoking and all that. But going out, I dont know... here in the Netherlands I can't imagine any pub without people smoking. Insane. And like I said, I dont even smoke anymore but I still have this opinion. You think getting smoke from someone else inside you is bad? Hell, everything is bad for you nowadays, even the air you get in your lungs. Polution is everywhere. Oh well. Guess its not my problem.
  12. 1 day to go!

    Haha, of course! Well, if they are available. It's called work guys, it ensures you have plenty to spend if you have a bit of control of yourself to not spend everything all the time but save up. Just two and a half day... aargh!
  13. 1 day to go!

    I'll be picking up: Wii Wii Play + Wiimote Nunchuck Component cable (pleaaaase?) 2x Wii Points Card Classic Controller Rayman Zelda Call of Duty 3 Red Steel Tony Hawk
  14. Smoking ban comes kick in on July 1st 2007

    All the people praising this new thing are a bunch of hypocrites. If something else was banned that they liked, they'd scream fire and yell about how the government ensures there's no freedom anymore. I have smoked for about 10 years, I've been off it for some time but even I think this is utter nonsense. Think about it, what if the goverment started to forbid alcohol? What if they started to forbid... hell, I don't know, to whistle? It's just plain stupid. Good thing I live in the Netherlands. We can even smoke weed. You Britains have a stick up in your ass, me thinks. Don't take it personal : peace: