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  1. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    quoted for truth. and to stop takeo: i have a mac. and it serves as a media station. because that's all it's good for :P on to my picture: me no like messy desktops too
  2. User Image Gallery

    *notices a soul and glances over to fierce_link* ...you still eating that? i was thinking, if you don't want it then maybe i could have it =)
  3. Mac Thread

    maybe someone can help me out on this: is leopard gonna be a free update for people who already own 10.4? or do i have to buy it?
  4. User Image Gallery

    @arab_freak: i honestly don't think it's too bad. what about taking singing lessons?
  5. Your earliest gaming memory..

    think it was an atari lynx... but i don't know the games anymore :/
  6. New PC

    last time i wanted to build myself a pc my options were a core duo and a asus mainboard. i'm not really up to date at the moment, but i think core 2 duos are the way to go. everything else above it is too expensive and amd was, but isn't an option anymore. but then again, that's just 2 cents of a student of telematics
  7. i don't know what your problem is about? you have a good graphics card. and if you don't know the rule in tech, then don't go buying stuff: "if you can wait, wait. if you can't, buy it." i mean, everytime i buy something i just KNOW that at least 2 days later my product is old. or even before i bought it.
  8. Friends of N-E

    i know konfucius and system_error in real life. ash over msn conversations + voice chat because of css
  9. User Image Gallery

    hence my face... go figure it out *just kidding* i really don't know anything that would be more homoerotic than your "infamous" picture... not even me with a bra on. or a bra and a skirt. or without balls. really. i don't know anything.
  10. Mac Thread

    on windows xp sp2 i get the right answer of 197. my mac mini approves it.
  11. User Image Gallery

    not like they didn't appreciate it... ;D
  12. User Image Gallery

    what could be more awesome than a bra... ...on a man! i R teh sexy one with the bra!
  13. Oh Noes! Our Names Are...Just LookAtThem!

    omigodwhendidhellbreakloose? (just posting to see if i've been damned) hehe you got waaaay tooo much time on your hands =)
  14. thanks, very much appreciated. i see, some of you have had this problem =)
  15. Whats your real name?

    Bernd "I will never tell you my real name!" Kampl