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  1. You were last online a year ago. This makes me sad. x

  2. You're a gaybo and you love gays. Lol. See you soon. x

  3. works btw
  4. Not going this year because of travelling, anyone find a good backdoor link for Reading? Trying to help my mates. I have a Leeds link:
  5. I didnt mean it basically we met this girl on new years and last night I saw her for the 1st time since then, she introduced me to her friend and it just happened. I'm quite annoyed at myself really, appreciate the positive responses on here though and I think thursday night may be the night I go for it with the girl I actually like. Could end up embarassing for me but theres only 1 way to find out I suppose...
  6. i'm absolutely disgusted in myself, basically the past few times ive been out this girl has been there too. I got introduced to her and her boyfriend ages ago so I know her to say Hi to and all that but now it turns out theyve split up. The past 5 or 6 nights out we've got on good but I didn't think I stood a chance, anyway tonight I thought it was a good idea to pull a random girl. According to my mate the girl I like was checking me out a lot and saw me pull this random girl. I'm so annoyed, blatantly ruined any small chance I had I hope this makes sense when im sober tomorrow.
  7. Just back from Birmingham, booked my round the World Travelling. Officially leave England on June 3rd. i fancy going out now to celebrate.
  8. No I dont, im saying it as though I like Placebo but their best song isn't even their own. House of the Rising sun is my Dads favourite song, listened to it before going out last night actually. The Muse cover is pretty decent too.
  9. Scandanavia is the best region for music. Fact. Also, as much as I love Placebo their best song is still a cover of Kate Bush.
  10. he screams more on that album and the previous 1, I'm more referring to the new album where it's a sort of shout. Sowing Season for example.
  11. Think it mostly sounds good in the right context. Shite like Falloutboy doing it is just ridiculous but stuff like early Avenged Sevenfold the screaming is pretty good, ditto with stuff like System of a Down. That's screaming though, Jesse from brand new tends to do a kind of melodic shout if that makes sense but it really is brilliant from an emotional point of view.
  12. 3 nights in a row of relentless drinking has caught up with me Im still hungover and feel like death, probably the worse hangover ive ever had. had a 5 hour train journey back from Leeds to contend with which wasnt fun. Pretty sure im gunna pull a sickie tomorrow.
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