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  1. The fire brigade are on alert!

    Pin by don't save me on Gif | Birthday, Nintendo, Celebrities

    Are you doing a conference?

    Stay young at heart. :) 

  2. Masuda only roused himself to get involved when he saw it wasn't shaping up to be 1-to-1 with the DS original!

  3. Hope you treated yourself to a good game for your birthday!! :geek:

    1. Happenstance


      Thanks mate. No games yet. Got a few indies I want to play but I’m mostly saving those to play on the Steam Deck when I finally get it.

  4. Angry VPN! :geek::angry:

    1. Raining_again


      the angriest vpn you've ever heard

    2. darksnowman


      You're the AVG Nerk!

  5. I (finally) got SMT IV during a sale in August so I've been playing it. Very good game if you're into RPGs. Similar to you and Runbow, I want to post about it more but the thread is dead as a doorknob. Wouldn't mind trying out Fantasy Life online but one look at the thread and... Just don't have the audience on here! Runbow has been getting a mention so I wouldn't mind being educated on it... unless you expect me to go use my own initiative and Google it?

  6. Nice - those are two very good looking games. What about on the 3DS front?

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    To save a triple post in the thread. : peace:
  8. Hey, it looks like none of us are good at keeping up to date with our messages. How's things? What you playing these days?

  9. Prime? I finished it one wintery Saturday several years ago. I remember picking my GBA Micro up as soon as the credits finished to play a quick bit of Chu Chu Rocket to cleanse the pallet. I did go back after a while and start a new file with the fusion suit.


    I remember the exact moment my backlog came into existence. One Christmas (I could also have been eleven!) I got FOUR Snes games and I've been playing catch up ever since. Pop n Twinbee, Cybernator, Mickey Mania and Buster Busts Loose.


    What about the Dark Tower? Have you still got that edition of Wizard and Glass knocking about?? How is Animal Crossing going? I didn't get it for the 3DS (though I've been tempted) but the DS and Wii ones consumed a lot of time. Don't suppose you have Fantasy Life?

  10. Happy birthday! Forever indebted to you for the Tower SP bargain.

  11. Hey man, how's the gaming going these days? Is old Patch keeping well? I've seen him on 3DS some nights but of course theres no chat feature in the friends list.

  12. I've a Gladiator and Hoplite some skill points currently hoarded up. I've gone the Medic route with my Monk and the fire route with my Zodiac. I've the equivalent of a Survivalist but am unsure what to do with them. In EO I it seemed easier to pre-plan what each character was going to specialise in. In this one I read the descriptions of skills and can't seem to commit! My team is basically just fight and heal (no joke) whilst I try to figure the growth trees out.


    Hope writing your To Kill a Mockinbird or Breakfast at Tiffany's is going well. Don't forget to take regular breaks to game.

  13. Sometimes I think I'm pretty down with the grind, then I'm reminded that guys like you take it to the max. Glad to hear you're still hammering away at Millennium Girl, I want to get round to it but I keep going back to EO III (I'm only round the same as you, progress wise, despite probably starting it something like 3 years ago) cos I think once I go 3D I won't go back. Ever hoard up skill points? I'm choking a bit on what to spend some of mine on at the minute. Playing it a little over such a long period has made me forget the ways I was originally planning to grow the characters.

  14. How is EO 3 going for you? You mentioned a while ago you were still plugging away at it.

  15. Don't forget an ariadne thread every time you head out!

  16. Been meaning to ask. Seeing as you're a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon fan, have you played any other games in that roguelike style? There's a game called Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer (there is an iteration on DS) which is fantastic.

  17. Kong in Concert is STILL great stuff, Fusedy!

  18. Got these designs.


    Attack Kittens!

    All Cats Are Psychos!


    Got a Totoro t-shirt too and some strawberry Pocky!