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  1. https://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-reportedly-skipping-e3-2023-entirely/ And so it begins. Interesting to read that all three are apparently digging their heels in—looks like it's going to be a long way back for E3. In other news, last night there was a Square-Enix livestream for Theatrhythm Final Bar Line which you can still catch up with and of course last week we had the SteamWorld Telegraph: Special Broadcast where Build was shown off. Some dates of note: GDC 20-24th March Summer Game Fest 8th June - ?? E3 13th-16th June Gamescom 23-27th August TGS 21-24th September
  2. Ghost Trick

    The key features from a fact sheet doing the rounds for the upcoming HD remaster. It'll be out on the 30th of June but £24.98 seems a bit steep, imo, so hopefully it'll get a good sale before too long. However, reading back through the enthusiasm in this thread makes it sound worth the asking price and then some.
  3. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    Try these co-ordinates:
  4. There was no mistaking it since my most recent point of reference for Mario World feel comes from Mario Maker.
  5. How did that pass you by! Thanks for the heads up. Think the only one of these I didn't get a lend of on GBA was Mario World, so I had a quick blast on it... MY EARS! And I don't mean the voices; the music wasn't coming through well at all. Jumping felt a bit off too so I was down to one life before I even got to the yellow switch palace. Might play it a bit more to see if I can get used to it but I reckon the SNES version will remain the way to go unless there's something worthwhile to unlock on the GBA by doing every stage with Mario and Luigi plus collecting all the dragon coins (twice?), since this is tracked.
  6. 04:42 - Fashion Dreamer 09:44 - PROJECT MAGIA 1 2:06 - PROJECT LIFE is RPG 14:51 - STORY OF SEASONS 19:45 - Rune Factory 28:11 - DAEMON X MACHINA: Titanic Scion
  7. Old NE Members

    Logan's Run? What's that? Is that like the Hunger Games? It's some ancient thing like Hogan's Alley.
  8. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    This is spin doctor for "didn't want to put it up against Kirby and the Forgotten Land." Oh, not you and the great fairies too... Sounds like, on the whole, you're having a decent enough time with it. Promising.
  9. Fast & Furious Franchise

    Need to finish the current cinema card before it expires and it looks like it'll be with this as there's little else. It'll be my third foray into Fast and Furious. Well, fourth if Hobbs & Shaw counts. I'll take "far-fetched, dumb and action-packed" and expect to have forgotten about it by the time the credits finish.
  10. Old NE Members

    @ReZourceman ftw. And Henry Hatsworth.
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    No doubt there is.
  12. Mortal Kombat 1 (19th September 2023)

    Good to know there's a backup option if my SNES cart packs it in.
  13. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

    If you glue a sawblade to something that will act as a chassis, add some wheels + a handle then you'll have a makeshift lawnmower to cut grass for rupees.
  14. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Sorry you were stuck with us lot and not the rest of your more glitzy mates.
  15. N-E Mario Kart 8 DX Get Together

    Where's the "look what the cat dragged in phrase?" when you need it.
  16. Also noted in case THERE'S A DIFFERENCE IN RESERVE POKÉMON that I need to overcome.
  17. Dormie time and Sonny goes and pulls out an eagle to keep the match alive. Ultimately it was too little too late.
  18. Tales of Symphonia Remastered (Switch, PS4, Xbox - 2023)

    This is set for an unspecified time on May 18th. Good to see they are still working on it.
  19. Dabbled with it back in the day but even though I knew it was meant to be a good one, Swords Dance never became a fixture for me. Saw more value in utilising the turns to keep on the offensive. Always thought the Elite Four were suckers for using Swords Dance as it just gave me an extra turn to attack. Figured now I'm older and supposedly wiser it'd be time to set out my stall with buffs and debuffs to try and finesse my way to victory, but if they're duds they're duds. Noted along with Amnesia. Yup, I still think of psychic type as the top of the tree because of Red/ Blue. Just have to remember to squash the Bug types with something else. I remember having a lot of joy inflicting poison with Muk/ Grimer too... when I'd ran out of PP to scorch my way across Kanto that is.
  20. You're right of course. Thought I'd matured into a moustache-twirling buffer/debuffer but it seems hitting first and hitting hard is still the way to go.
  21. Starfox 64 3D

    This thread's been quiet. Too quiet. For 11 years. Took the 3DS out and about (no Streetpass hits) and after exiting Luigi's Mansion 2, I decided it was time to unwrap that Star Fox 64 3D icon. Yeah okay, I may have done some Japanese Rail Simming too, guilty as charged. After the enforced training section which I thought was never going to end, I played through the game twice. It's as great as ever! Relieved to say it works all right with the slide pad. I just got tangled up a few times between Y and X as for some reason I instinctively pressed Y to boost and expected X to be nova bombs whereas it's obviously the other way around. Not sure why my thumb thought it'd be any different. The voices are off. Especially, from the stages I played anyway, Andross. I'm sure they did their best but the delivery just doesn't come across the same. Also, even on headphones, some of the music is a bit lacking too. In particular, on Katina when the mothership comes in. It's softer and doesn't drive home the peril of the situation. Pity the 3DS doesn't have rumble. Fichina was so reality-breaking it sent me down a rabbit hole. According to the Internet, I can skip the credits next time around. This is not something I ever considered on the N64 but the amount of time it takes to sit through the tacked-on 3DS staff credits is a big ask. Didn't help that the battery was in the red (flashing!) by the end of the second play-through, so I had to close the 3DS rather than risk waiting out the credits. Otherwise, great touch-up of a great game I used to run through pretty much daily at one point on the N64. If I had these graphics + 3D effect on the big screen with the N64 controller, rumble, voices and some more oomph where needed on the 3DS orchestral music I'd say we'd reached perfection. Let's just call it Fortuna too, okay?
  22. Coming off Immortals: Fenyx Rising, I'm in that weird in-between spot where I'm unsure what to move onto next. Got the email that Ys IX is out on PS5 (better late than never) which made me consider getting the Switch version off the shelf, but nah, not yet. Don't fancy starting one of these other RPGs right now and couldn't choose between any of the smaller games I have either. I was even almost back on Immortals out of sheer routine. So I bounced around a few games over the weekend as tends to happen at these times. This included getting some use out of the Expansion Pack. Chilled out on Wave Race, chipped away some more at Mario Tennis (great game just to play on autopilot) and settled a bit on the NTSC version of Pilotwings 64 which I remembered I'd intended to play over Christmas.* Top stuff. I've enjoyed it even more than I did back in the day. On the N64, I think I wanted to play it more like Mario, with objectives being something to get to but not necessarily the immediate task at hand. This time I've been a lot happier to pick a mission and get to it. The Chicken Dive on the hang glider is an example of one that provided plenty of quick tries and retries. Just what I was looking for. And the music! I remember it all but it somehow fits better than it ever did. Classic game. Did a round of Pokémon Stadium as well. Lost to Brock so I'll have to put more consideration into what I rent next time out. Tbh, what cost me was choosing the wrong move on the first turn, then scolding myself to "play it properly", I next went for a Leer, followed with a Withdraw and by the time I was done faffing around and began attacking, CPU Brock was well underway with the crits. A timely whiff from me didn't help matters. THERE GOES THE BATTLE. * Also sort of planned to do the Splatoon 3 singleplayer over Christmas so perhaps I could try getting to it in this window.
  23. Immortals Fenyx Rising (December 3, 2020)

    Got finished up with Hephaistos—I already thought the robot sculptures were saddening, then the story wound up getting heavy too—then pressed onwards through blizzard conditions to a finish. There's still plenty to do and get, but it just felt like a good time to push through rather than delay it. Going up the mountain in the northern area was the closest thing to a slog in this game. Nice that they added some variety, I suppose, but it was still a drag. Earlier, I'd left a vault (in the northeast) that saps your stamina so I wasn't exhilarated to see the mechanic come into play in the real world. Storywise, the end sequence of events was good stuff. Truth bomb after truth bomb and the final vault was a decent victory lap of the puzzles I'd been solving throughout... some of them since Boom Blox on the Wii, in fact. After getting the armour sorted out in the forge, I went through what I had and happened upon a winning combo of helmet/ armour/ phospor that restored health and stamina through combat. Enemies were suddenly trivialised. Even Typhon. Very satisfying indeed. Typhon deserved everything he got. My jaw hit the floor witnessing what he did after the first section of the final showdown. Aside from the snow mountain seeming a bit of a dud, here are some other things I picked up on: Vaults can go on one puzzle iteration too many. Was there enemy scaling? I didn't feel like I was really getting ahead until that winning combo of equips near the end. Is there something to protect against lasers? I brute-forced a bit in the finale with potions (which I never thought to try before). Died so many times to lasers throughout. After receiving the Phosphor sidequest, I expected more "live" stuff like it but there was nothing of the sort going on. Not that I was exactly wanting for things to do so perhaps it would have been overwhelming to have NPCs dish out sidequests on top of everything else? Still, the way Phospor was introduced made the game world seem more alive and dynamic than it ended up being. I'd still like a way to auto-mark everything on the map. Not that I'm down on the game or anything; overall I thought Immortals was very good. A super first foray into these notorious "Ubisoft-style games" for me. Plenty of evenings these past few weeks I've lost track of time just going for one more nearby chest or challenge. It's been great. Saying that, I've zero intention of moving onto Assassins Creed or whatever else they offer in this vain—I'm good for the time being. Though this Immortals purchase came with the expansions, so I may well look into those further down the line, as well as whatever postgame may be lying in wait. I'm curious to load my clear game save to see if that snow storm has cleared... And now to play something I don't have to tinker with the Switch Internet connection to bypass a mandatory login.