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  1. The Music Thread.

    From that list I only went to see Pendulum and they were great.
  2. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

    It just keeps getting better and better.
  3. Post Your Purchases

    Over the past few days I've bought these: plus some other clothing items.
  4. User Image Gallery

    Nah black camp is where it's at. I saw another guy dressed as a bee but he was nowhere near as sunbunrt as me plus his actually fit him. Also another picture, this time of my friend next to the Enter Shikari poster we tore down:
  5. User Image Gallery

    Alcohol. Fantastic puns btw
  6. User Image Gallery

    So just got back from download and here is me dressed as a bee(with a T-shirt on underneath that as I learnt from Saturday was a good idea): This is what happens to your body without a t-shirt underneath, notice the strap lines:
  7. Football Season 2008/2009

    Wrong Etienne Esajas is. God I miss Brunt
  8. Last.FM on 360.

    Where does it say they're charging for it other than it being for gold members?
  9. European Elections

    Haha that video is hilarious at 32 seconds when the woman gets sent flying.
  10. Perfect Dark XBLA

    OMG now you've pointed it out what the fuck have they done to that font? Although the numbers aren't in the right positions so hopefully it'll change
  11. Heroes Series 4

    What? Lost is fantastic.
  12. The Music Thread.

    So from my one listen to the Passion Pit album the one stand out track for me was The Reeling which I do quite love. Perhaps when I give them a better listen some more tracks will catch my attention.
  13. Perfect Dark XBLA

    The frame rate is what made this a day 1 purchase for me of course the online multiplayer just makes it even more needed.
  14. The Music Thread.

    Got it last week or a couple of weeks ago not listened to it much but it's a pretty good album and better than Empire. Underdog is the first track on the album also used in the Sony Kaka adverts Audio
  15. Halo 3 [360] Wasn't hard to find at all if you press the search button and search thread titles. Also why 360 in the title I think we all know it's a 360 game?