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  1. Molly

    Don't leave me hanging on the Jacob's creek thing :P

  2. Are you...here? lol You may have some emails on Monday morning. xxx

  3. Molly

    Haha, I haven't finished season 4 yet; buying the final season was perhaps a bit hasty, but I needed it.


    Can't believe you've finished. I'm sure you feel bereaved, I think I will.

  4. Hey, sorry I didnt even get chance to read your emails today. Gem was on everyones back about reviews so I got mine done this morning. Such a shit morning, Sexton landed this case on me that he should have dealt with. Urgh. Then came home to more rubbish, heh. See you tomorrow xxx

  5. Oh Kevin Spacey! I didn't know who he was until you mentioned American Beauty. Thanks buddy.


    Double cinema? That's alot of ReZ time!


    Way up for the goats! What happened to Dr Parnassus? Am I gonna have to see that with...other people.


    Harry Brown? I kind of feel like the trailer told the whole story. I dunno, we'll see. My body can only take so many ice blasts.:heh:


    Yes I shall see you tomorrow, I'm working 9-5. What a way to make a living. NOT.



  6. Lol. I shan't bite.

  7. It's not problems as such, just something that happened yesterday, I shall tell you in person! *holds up chin*


    Did you have your review today? xxx

  8. Have you been on holiday, where are you?? talk to meeeeeeee xxx

  9. Molly

    you still watching? they just survived falling off a building. I don't even know if Sean can save it now!

  10. Lol, yes but I'm rubbish at remembering (sorry). I thought you must be away but didn't realise Butlins was this weekend! How was it?!!! I'm good, but really tired and stupidly busy cos there's about 3 people in, hehe. xxx

  11. Molly

    Could you see if the video I put in funny videos works?


    Thank you lovely.


    Edit: Don't worry :D

  12. Lol! I can't wait. The image is boggling my mind already :heh:

  13. Molly

    The Island is on again. Unbelievable.


  15. Molly

    I've been on MSN, now and then :P I'm working tomorrow (blurgh), so it's bed for now. Speak soon :)

  16. Lol. Bunch of bastards. xxx

  17. Oh wow, thank you. Too good to me!! :)

  18. *flies over Lau's head*

  19. Wish I could come out tonight, wanna see Jiiiiiiimmy! Ah well. P.s. Morse Code. Meets meets.

  20. One too many acronyms! :heh:


    How many calories are in an Ice Blast odoen worker? ''Fulla sugarrrrr, so...Alot''.

  21. What happened with the errors?! I bet it was M, such a ****! That sucks about the 3 hours, must be wrong! xxx

  22. Migraine and completely miserable.


    Rang Dan this morning, I'm meant to be working tomorrow, as you would say...epic fail.


    Hows you? xxx

  23. I thanked the Knee one...


    Oh. Lol.