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  1. Oh noes! That is utter rubbish, sorry buddy. Don't die though, you've got to live on.


    Jamie and I pretty much say ''That is fine'' all day long ala Brent. I'm sure I say it to her if I just want her to stop takling though, lol.


    So I went to get the champagne thing and asked for ''Bye'' and she looked at me like I was mental so I then blurted ''Jamie!, put Bye Jamie''. She asked me if I was breaking up with someone...lmao.

  2. Yeah, I'll stay off for a while then, take one for the team; no point you all getting it xxx

  3. Haha, I've watched it. That is a tough choice right there.


    My mum keeps joking that I've got swine flu. I haven't, just got some of the symptoms, lol. Nah, hopefully be back tomorrow.

  4. I know, he is such a rat. He thinks he's funny which annoys me even more. Looking at him makes me writhe.


    ...I don't like him. Lol.

  5. Molly

    Hope it went well today :)

  6. Lol wrong. I never asked him in the end. Drunk drinks or drink drinks, I'm also happy either way.

  7. Let's go see Star Trek and have drinks sometime!

  8. Football friends

  9. Wish I could come out tonight, wanna see Jiiiiiiimmy! Ah well. P.s. Morse Code. Meets meets.

  10. lmao! I love that my profile now looks like a spread from nuts. She does look good though.

  11. I miss Tricia, I can't lie :p

  12. Sounds like a plan. I'll drive, no problem. My car's all clean and minty fresh. Pick up you and Jamie about 20.06. Byeeeeee xxx

  13. Ok ok. At the moment you have 5 friends, that's not an ideal number at all. 6, however, is divisible by 2 so you could split us into equal teams without having to chop Jayseven in half. By adding me, you are effectively saving Jayseven's life.


    Your call :heh:

  14. Lol, I'll not beg, I'm just not that kind of girl! :heh:

  15. Hahaha. The one where ReZ passed me the phone and I thought I was talking to someone, when in fact it was a voicemail? love it. Glad you enjoyed.

  16. Molly

    Please get rid of the anorexic living dead Tori, she disturbs me.


    Am I typing in comic sans? what is this?! :heh:

  17. It's classic.

  18. Love you longtime but your background colour offends me, plus the white writing doesn't show up. Sort it out! :p