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  1. WHAT? No, I didnt realise she had. Tell ALL!! xxx

  2. Of course you are! You are actually a friend. You're special xxx

  3. Did you email me? or is it a filthy virus!

  4. So have you definitely decided you're not going then? xxx

  5. Yeah I watched the first few! I'm sure you saw my post about George Michael getting to me every so often and going into fits of hysterics!! It's good.

  6. Oh wow, thank you. Too good to me!! :)

  7. It's not problems as such, just something that happened yesterday, I shall tell you in person! *holds up chin*


    Did you have your review today? xxx

  8. Hey, sorry I didnt even get chance to read your emails today. Gem was on everyones back about reviews so I got mine done this morning. Such a shit morning, Sexton landed this case on me that he should have dealt with. Urgh. Then came home to more rubbish, heh. See you tomorrow xxx

  9. Yeah it's next Tuesday so I don't really have time to do anything else. Sucks. You should go with Spenno/Lucy! xxx

  10. I'm on 10-2, weather permitting :P. Yay!!! I will bring it in and you shall love it xxx

  11. I'm not worried about being judged ;) NYE was ok, I came home at 1 because I felt sick (I've been ill etc). Was good while I was out, had some champers, danced, saw some people from school (a bit weird tbh) How was yours? xxx

  12. Hmm looks superfluous to be honest. But I bet I still love it! Heh xxx

  13. The smarmy one? Yeah thats fine! I'm on 9, pretty sure I'm not working Saturday though xxx

  14. Molly

    I laughed so much! You know ;)

  15. Lol. Ahh well thank you. You shine brightly too, my friend xxx

  16. Just our team. I am the hidden gem tbf. Was that relevant? Usually is :P xxx

  17. Yeah I'm in NYEM! I shall see you then. No Flavin wasn't in. I miss his longing stares. Ha! We're moving around, I'm gonna be where sophie is now. Away from Amy, which totally sucks. I can actually have a decent conversation with her. Gargh. Having a good day off? xxx

  18. Cheeky little day off, huh?! I just went in for the morning and I've got tomorrow off, so none too bad :D

  19. Hehe, I wish! Seriously, can't believe it! xxx

  20. Lol. She's a goodun. xxx

  21. Who's going....? xxx

  22. Who's going to the Slug? I'm not sure because I'm going out out xmas eve in town, also have some other stuff to do. But maybe one.


    Yeah a drink with Jamie should be good, I haven't spoken to him but TIF, hopefully xxx

  23. Lovely thanks. Slept on a bit, afternoon tea was excellent/extremely filling. I'm still ill but I'm soldiering through. How was work? xxx

  24. How do I do that thing where you post a URL in a clicky word? x