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  1. lol, just had to respond to Daft's post about people making him uncomfortable!

  2. Hey! Yeah Copenhagen was lovely. It bankrupted me. But it was worth it!! Shame about that job, sorry to hear. Still, London is ever nearer :)

  3. Thats an interesting green font you chose there :P :P

  4. Chesham Waitrose is rubbish. They had no fillet steak. Lols. TIF though, I drove to Thame. An all round... lovelier Waitrose. :heh:


    Oh I was all stressed so I forgot to go to the comic book shop. I will do, one day.

  5. Ah sorry to hear Ash, they're clearly fools of a took. Maccies will fly by (in the style of Dame Judi in Notes on a Scandal) and then you'll be in London, wooooop.


    Last week was good, did absolutely no work on Friday which was lovely. I didn't truth bomb anyone as my new job is upstairs in the same building...awkward, heh.

  6. Molly

    Yes, the flower is a problem. I am unconvinced that the dress is worth the price. Thank you for your appraisal Pash.

  7. Molly

    Look at the dress in post your purchases, opinion needed! :)

  8. I watched the keynote. It was ridiculous and laughable. Oh and boring. Lol.

  9. Lol, No I was ''Molly'', I quit because I was only being nosey really :p

  10. Why cant I talk to you on chat?

  11. You're a treat, thank you. I want to compare them yes, I also want an unbiased person (i.e. a non-fanboy or hater :P) to tell me which is best!


    Yeah I was pretty low today, but I've just about picked myself up. Good luck with your interview :)

  12. Definitely the latter!

  13. Thank you!! :D


    The first thing I'm gonna do is find out what ''4G'' means. Lol.

  14. I know, lol. The heart wants what it wants. Apparently. xxx

  15. Nah I'm not bothered about that one. I need to save some money, spent loooooads recently! xxx

  16. I thanked the Knee one...


    Oh. Lol.

  17. Ah, that sounds complicated. Perhaps I'll just stick with my netbook for mssssn!

  18. Raining my dear! I just was wondering if you ever got your MSN working again? On my PC, it still won't download the new one! xxx

  19. Noooo idea. Shhhhhh. :P xxx

  20. No big deal, honestly. xxx

  21. Hmm, I'll explain in person. Get your invite? xxx

  22. OH GOD. Massive cringe. I wish you hadn't told me that. I can always feel him perving. OH GOD.


    Lol. xxx

  23. You only get invites if you're a premium account person. I am a freebie person, for now. When I get a smart phone, I'll get it. Daft has premium, you could if he has any to spare xxx

  24. I love Amy.


    When was this?



    Urgh, she can be such a psycho. Who gives a damn, we're all bloody going soon. BAGH.