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  1. Ah sorry to hear Ash, they're clearly fools of a took. Maccies will fly by (in the style of Dame Judi in Notes on a Scandal) and then you'll be in London, wooooop.


    Last week was good, did absolutely no work on Friday which was lovely. I didn't truth bomb anyone as my new job is upstairs in the same building...awkward, heh.

  2. Chesham Waitrose is rubbish. They had no fillet steak. Lols. TIF though, I drove to Thame. An all round... lovelier Waitrose. :heh:


    Oh I was all stressed so I forgot to go to the comic book shop. I will do, one day.

  3. Molly

    Could you see if the video I put in funny videos works?


    Thank you lovely.


    Edit: Don't worry :D

  4. Dear Ell,


    It won't let me look at it, it says 'Forbidden'; is it fruit?



  5. Molly

    Haha, I haven't finished season 4 yet; buying the final season was perhaps a bit hasty, but I needed it.


    Can't believe you've finished. I'm sure you feel bereaved, I think I will.

  6. Haha, I've watched it. That is a tough choice right there.


    My mum keeps joking that I've got swine flu. I haven't, just got some of the symptoms, lol. Nah, hopefully be back tomorrow.

  7. Hahaha I love that you posted him on my wall, but from my FB.


    It's a longish story, I'll tell you msn or in person etc etc etc xxx

  8. Molly

    Heh, it's always had a border! You're either being special or not terribly observant. :heh:


    I'm glad you like it though. :)

  9. How very presumptuous of you! :heh:


    I am, of course, there. xxx

  10. I came home for lunch!


    Avatar uploaded, cheers!! Does it look small? xxx

  11. I dunno Mike. He does something wrong, he says sorry, gets forgiven, then he does it all over again. I've really had enough.


    I do wanna see Paranormal Activity but I've got too much to do application wise!

  12. I know, he is such a rat. He thinks he's funny which annoys me even more. Looking at him makes me writhe.


    ...I don't like him. Lol.

  13. I love Amy.


    When was this?



    Urgh, she can be such a psycho. Who gives a damn, we're all bloody going soon. BAGH.



  14. I thanked the Knee one...


    Oh. Lol.

  15. If I didn't know? Come on now! :p


    I take it you know why she resigned, juice. Illness, no idea xxx

  16. It's not problems as such, just something that happened yesterday, I shall tell you in person! *holds up chin*


    Did you have your review today? xxx

  17. Lisa told me today!


    Another one? Thanks! I'm getting a second opinion xxx

  18. Migraine and completely miserable.


    Rang Dan this morning, I'm meant to be working tomorrow, as you would say...epic fail.


    Hows you? xxx

  19. OH GOD. Massive cringe. I wish you hadn't told me that. I can always feel him perving. OH GOD.


    Lol. xxx

  20. Oh Kevin Spacey! I didn't know who he was until you mentioned American Beauty. Thanks buddy.


    Double cinema? That's alot of ReZ time!


    Way up for the goats! What happened to Dr Parnassus? Am I gonna have to see that with...other people.


    Harry Brown? I kind of feel like the trailer told the whole story. I dunno, we'll see. My body can only take so many ice blasts.:heh:


    Yes I shall see you tomorrow, I'm working 9-5. What a way to make a living. NOT.



  21. Oh noes! That is utter rubbish, sorry buddy. Don't die though, you've got to live on.


    Jamie and I pretty much say ''That is fine'' all day long ala Brent. I'm sure I say it to her if I just want her to stop takling though, lol.


    So I went to get the champagne thing and asked for ''Bye'' and she looked at me like I was mental so I then blurted ''Jamie!, put Bye Jamie''. She asked me if I was breaking up with someone...lmao.

  22. Ok ok. At the moment you have 5 friends, that's not an ideal number at all. 6, however, is divisible by 2 so you could split us into equal teams without having to chop Jayseven in half. By adding me, you are effectively saving Jayseven's life.


    Your call :heh:

  23. One too many acronyms! :heh:


    How many calories are in an Ice Blast odoen worker? ''Fulla sugarrrrr, so...Alot''.

  24. Molly

    Please get rid of the anorexic living dead Tori, she disturbs me.


    Am I typing in comic sans? what is this?! :heh:

  25. Thank you!! :D


    The first thing I'm gonna do is find out what ''4G'' means. Lol.