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  1. Mock The Thread

    Heeeere comes the bride, all over your face. (too much?)
  2. The Music Thread.

    I often go through a day with 'I just want back in your head' going round and round in my mind, i also love them.
  3. X-Factor 2008

    Agreed on diana, shes got such a lovely and interesting voice, also seems down to earth. I like Ruth as well, i feel sorry for her having simon letch on her though, when he does his trademark wink i want to throw up. The older guy has a sad story but i was cringing when he sang, just didnt work. Generally dont like pop music but x factor is brilliant, just so entertaining!
  4. How was your day?

    Today I went to work to do a 'systems healthcheck', was there for 6 hours getting paid double lovely sunday pay, and did 20 mins of actual work. Wasnt even skyving, its just that the computer systems check their own health, and i sat there 'supervising', reading heat and harry potter. And they gave us free dominoes pizza. I dont understand arguing with people on youtube buddy, you dont know them, never gonna meet them...why let their opinion get to you?. Saying that ive never posted anything on yt so...who knows.
  5. Penguin Break Season 4

    Absolutely loving mahone, William Fichtner is a great actor. The way theyve progressed him is awesome, when I think back to him persuading Haywire (who was obviously mental, but still) to jump off that tower thing, he had qualms about doing it, but it was still really brutal. And I hated him for it. That affected me much more than him shooting michael and lincs dad to be honest. Anywho now I just have to feel for him, losing his son and hes been really ace...escaping from tea bag in that last ep and saving the day, brilliant.
  6. Mock The Thread

    What is Rez guaranteed to get whilst viewing roller coaster construction online?
  7. Mock The Thread

    I wasnt reading as much into it as you are to be honest. Rez...mike...buddy, pick a new theme!
  8. Mock The Thread

    Oh its definitely true. But would you rather your lady looks good or gets ready fast?
  9. Mock The Thread

    Touche. (oop not 10 characters, oh there we go)
  10. Mock The Thread

    How long does phone sex take with steven hawking?
  11. How was your day?

    I was meant to have Fire Marshall training today and its been cancelled! *shakes fist*. I really thought it would progress my career....thats a blatant lie. Anything to get out of doing my actual job.
  12. How was your day?

    The smilies are growing on me they can be endearing! Finally going to watch american office series 4 now, thank you reZ for dvd lendage and multi region code findage. Ill see you (in text form) for PB later. Thank you for the warnings, ill bare them in mind!
  13. How was your day?

    lol, yes thats alot of smilies. Ask rez for my official stance on them... Yeah you can call me molly anne...any particular reason? Or just the general hick sounding nature of it that just rolls off the tongue! Also, watch it....greenmachine!
  14. How was your day?

    Hope this works, the quoting thing seems quite difficult, im hopeless. haha, id say im half as weird and twice as witty! kidding. Mike and I have a very simliar sense of humour, except he doesnt love amazing shows that i do such as spaced, boosh and flight of the conchords. Working on that. Yep i love mariokart, used to play loads at uni, verbally abused peach alot for some reason. Ah you went to manc, thats awesome! I miss it so much, few of my friends moved back there, if i wasnt so poor (due to travelling) i probably would have done too. We had a standard round the world ticket...thailand, malaysia, singapore, Oz, NZ, fiji, US. All amazing, and now i wanna do south america, and more se asia and go everywhere...probs wont happen. Whats your job? Agreed, today absolutely sucked. Not even any time for email. Bring on prison break later...gonna watch the office in a min, yay.
  15. How was your day?

    Lols @ raunchy pics, its news to me! My names not actually Molly, i picked that cos its my favourite name for a girl, I think i was trying to hide my identity. And then I uploaded a picture. Lol, *runs away*.
  16. How was your day?

    Hellooo...Im friends with Rez from work and my day at work is usually filled with talking to crazy people with too much money in between emailing Mike. Its all good. I feel a bit of a fraud posting on here to be honest, technically not really a gamer. I love mariokart on n64 and mario/sonic do the olympic games on the wii and thats about it. About me, um...i went to uni in manchester, then went travelling round the world (best thing ive ever done) am now wondering where to go and what to do. I like the usual stuff, except now i like comics such as Invincible and i blame Rez for that completely.
  17. Mock The Thread

    How far does Rez have to stay away from me at work, according to his restraining order.
  18. Sexuality Thread

    Is all that extra 'weight' why you walk funny?...you must dress to the left. I understand now.
  19. Mock The Thread

    Awesome thread, have you seen... 'If this is the answer, then what is the question?' Example: Answer: 50 quid Question: How much did kerry katona make for her last Iceland ad? etc etc <3 Frankie Boyle.