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  1. How was your day?

    THANK YOU for the welcome!!! . Yeah im not a gamer really, im not gonna pretend to know what phoenix wright is, lol. I dont understand alot of things on here to be honest, for example 'anime'...but sometimes ignorance is bliss! That cup thing is amazing, bravo to them. I now feel its gin o'clock...
  2. How was your day?

    He says, reading my private messages and giggling. Actually my only private messages are from you so...maybe not. lols. Yeah so, cheers buddy.
  3. How was your day?

    Im changing my password, i come on here and im already 'logged in'. hmmm.
  4. Xpert Eleven Season 5

    Um, last year i did fantasy premier league where it was alot of boys and i was the only girl in the league. I beat many of the boys and i feel they now secretly resent me, so ive not done it this season, lol. Surely its too late in the season to start this?
  5. How was your day?

    I know i dont know you dyson but...I started uni in 2004 and of the 7 other people in my halls flat im now in contact with just two of them, they happen to be 2 of my best friends, but the others Im just not bothered about. My other friends from uni are from my course, and through friends of friends, and people i met randomly. So if you dont love your flatmates i dont think thats anything to worry about too much. Also the disgusting kitchen thing, we had one girl (the psycho, theres one in every flat) who ALWAYS left her empty tuna can out until it rusted, and all her cooking crap aswell, until my other flat mate one day just went mental at her. After that there was always a tension between this girl and everyone else. She started communicating only through notes etc, long story but definitely better not to let it get to that stage, your flatmates probably think its horrible too but are just being lazy/rebelling due to new freedoms. Sure similar things have been said by other people but just wanted to say that.
  6. Mock The Thread

    Harder Gandalf...harder!
  7. How was your day?

    Mike I love your sister when she says things like 'what a magic moment this is' very dry... amazing. And yes they look like some underage hotties with good hair.
  8. How was your day?

    Today we had a silent evacuation (ie no fire alarms, but people shouting...'Get out, evacuate' etc) from work to prepare for bomb and other such threats. Just another example of our country going health and safety mad. Sorry but it was ridiculous. And Rez missed it due to... being at thorpe park for fright night live, damn it! In other news, i had a Wispa, and that was good.
  9. Mock The Thread

    Forget 2 girls 1 cup, its 3 guys 1 gherkin. Both equally gross Anywho yes, back to planes, i feel a winner should be picked...
  10. Mock The Thread

    Hahaha! I almost feel guilty for being the catalyst of this. Rez you said those videos were between you and me!
  11. Penguin Break Season 4

    Yep T-bag and mahone are totally enthralling to watch, but agreed, I think T-bag has to be either dead or back in prison at the end. Omg would be amazing if we saw fox river again in the last ep, has been a lack of prisonage for ages, but then i do love the stlye of this series not being in prison, its swings and roundabouts really ( Rez).
  12. Mock The Thread

    (I think this one was on the actual show, so...awesome. may be some accidental plagiarism though) ...this is your captain speaking. Just to let you know, we do have an autopilot system so if any lovely ladies are interested in going mile high, im readily available.
  13. Mock The Thread

    Anywho the WINNER is....
  14. Favourite Quotes

    Ah so he knows the second law of thermodynamics, but he is an idiot. Fair enough.
  15. Favourite Quotes

    Supergrunch, youve probably been asked this loads, so...sorry for that. But the quote under your signature, who said that? I keep reading and it doesnt make any sense to me, what about the sun? Is it a joke? I am but a layman, be gentle!
  16. The Music Thread.

    Ahh awesome! I also 'dont mind' that Bret is the epitome of physical perfection for me.
  17. X-Factor 2008

    I forgot, did anyone think dannis 'have you got a girlfriend?' comment to the irish boy of 16 was a bit outrageous?. Or just me.
  18. ROAD RAGE!!!

    I get annoyed at people driving under the speed limit when im late for work, and this is pretty much every morning. To be fair its my fault that im late but i still have the irrational anger. I find myself... talking to myself ALOT. Oh yeah and i dont like tractors, caravans or white transit vans.
  19. Mock The Thread

    Well when you put it like that...Im persuaded. How should we get the ball rolling? sorry danny, it was perhaps too much of an obvious one and at the same time too obscure...if thats possible.
  20. Penguin Break Season 4

    I should now be looking forward to a brand new episode, but no no...bastards.
  21. Mock The Thread

    Lol, sorry! Ah moogleviper, if only you weren't 5 years my junior! OK. Things you shouldnt see at a fairground
  22. Mock The Thread

    haha Yay!!! ok dunno if this one has been done but... Things you shouldn't hear on a first date 'Can I touch you...there'
  23. Mock The Thread

    lol well thank you, I...love you too. Duly noted, I wont hesitate next time