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  1. Mock The Thread

    How will Kerry Katona find her next prey?
  2. User Image Gallery

    And I love you...in a way. (alan p) Thanks Paj, one day you'll have to tell me all about Tori and her multi personalities, I feel quite in the dark. Well I was first out of the plane, best decision I ever made. Got to 15000 feet and then me and my man sort of shimeyed over to the door and that was it, bang...freefalling. I had one minute of freefall, I'd say the first 5-10 seconds was... 'WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!!!' and then after that it was the best feeling ever. Amazing. Do it!! Ah well thank you hellfire Looks like you had a great birthday, I find only the best nights end up with everyone in the bath! I dont think you did, I'm sure I'd remember a special 'blue person' doing so. Anywho thanks, hey. Everytime I see you I imagine neil patrick harris typing away.
  3. User Image Gallery

    Yeah I probably need to branch out a bit, but thanks for the welcome before anywho, lovely to meet you. Thank you danny And dan likes trees, I like your hair AND those glasses!
  4. Mock The Thread

    So simple and yet so effective. :bowdown:
  5. User Image Gallery

    lol, well thanks. They do keep me isolated, but for quite the opposite reason. Perhaps a bit harsh. Although the other day I was gonna say 'be the father of my children' to Serebii, I probably would have sounded like a desperate geek. Thanks nightwolf!
  6. How was your day?

    oooooooh you bitch! Thats it, i dont love you anymore. Go away.
  7. How was your day?

    It's not the branch but the admin/back office place, the blue leanie if you've been to aylesbury! But yes call up and listen lol, I'm recording next week. lol, not quite. I'll be the extremely annoying person that says things like 'For a value, please press one' etc etc. Still, they like my voice so...woooop.
  8. Hahahaha!! Oh it is ON my friend. (that was for Rez, i always forget quotage, sorry)
  9. I am probably way too chicken to play dirty, but we'll see! All the warnings do sound ominous.
  10. How was your day?

    wooooop I am to be the new voice of hbos aylesbury!! So you will hear my apparent dulcet tones if you ever call. I shouldn't be as excited as I am about this but oh well, yay.
  11. I'm intrigued by these 'dirty tricks'.
  12. User Image Gallery

    I'm bored and can't sleep so here a few of me on my travels a few months ago... This shows my elf ear. [ATTACH]2320[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2321[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2322[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]2323[/ATTACH] Looking gross but skydiving all the same, woop. [ATTACH]2325[/ATTACH]
  13. Rate the last film you saw

    ^^ Lol, opinionated...much. Amores Perros is just stunning. One of my favourite films!
  14. Ok I've applied, haven't read the rules yet so no idea what I'm doing but looks good, wooop. Edit: I was picking a sponsor and I clicked on the radio thing expecting to see some data on company performance or something lol, and it turns out they are now my sponsor. So there we go.
  15. Mock The Thread

    Lol, touche. ***withdrawAl. What can I say? I blame my job.
  16. Mock The Thread

    Dyson, dyson...give us a theme! I'm having withdrawl symptoms!
  17. The Music Thread.

    Being threatening is not something you need to aspire to anyway.
  18. The Music Thread.

    Lol! Oi you, don't go down that road...''my favourite band is Linkin park''
  19. The Music Thread.

    Yes it does rock! Out of my head though, now it's led zeppelin. In old music I trust at the moment. I don't follow...
  20. The Music Thread.

    I've got Tribute in my head and it won't go away. Namely the lines 'Plaaaaaaaaaay the best sooooong in the world, or i'll eat your souls' and 'Nay, we are but men... Rock.' What is wrong with me?! ahhh. Definitely something.
  21. How was your day?

    Oooh you live in lincoln? I just got back, I love it there...so much character, particularly up the hill around the cathderal. Although we went for dinner up the hill and i had to take my shoes with big heels off to get down the hill. Such a classy bird. I had a great weekend, last night was amazing. Lovely to catch up with my friend, discussed each others man woes/successes as well as everything else, and we then proceeded to get wasted. Ended up in this cheesy club where we were seriously busting the moves and cutting some shapes, not gonna lie. Probably looked ridiculous, but didn't care. So good, wish I wasn't home now. Thank god I booked off tomorrow morning from work. Moogle I know I haven't been on here very long but your posts pretty much always make me smile or laugh. You're good.
  22. How was your day?

    Ahhh printing off the AA route planner directions to lincoln again, because i still dont have a satnav. damnit. Lol at this... I dont know what to say, so i just wont say anything. Yep, peep show rocks my tiny little world, love it.
  23. How was your day?

    So Anime is Japanese girls who look like boys, have big tits, are extremely healthy, like pop music and are a bit like crack*? Sold. Im going to Lincoln tomorrow for the weekend to see one of my aforementioned best friends from uni. I feel its gonna be awesome, woooop. Also get to take my dads big car instead of my old banger, yay. *(superhans).
  24. Mock The Thread

    What will be used to decide the winner of the US presidential election?