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  1. Comedy Rainbow

    I want to be supportive as a friend, but I can't lie.
  2. Rate the last film you saw

    When did chairdriver become a film critic?!
  3. Mary-Kate and ...

  4. Caprica 1/2 I was really sceptical about this and for me it started off shaky, but by the end of episode 2, I was genuinely excited. I love seeing all the seeds developing. Enthralling characters too. Can this numb the pain of losing BSG? We'll see.
  5. Lost: The Final Season

    That's not a theory, it's a feeling
  6. Post Your Purchases

    Lol, I know. On thread. Today I bought 4 Tesco Finest pears. My new favourite thing. Chocolate, crisps and sweets are so unnecessary when you can have a delicious, succulent, endorphin boosting, life changing pear *drools*.
  7. Post Your Purchases

    Glad you've finally admitted it
  8. Sheeeee's A Staaaaaaaaar

    Happy Birthday Ine, have a lovely day
  9. Post Your Purchases

    You're such an Xbox fanboy Are you gonna be an assassin, a savage, a loyalist or a psychopath? Yeah that's right, I know about games :wink:
  10. How was your day?

    Anyone remember spenno182? Saw him today for the first time since he got back from travelling, he is such a legend. Makes me laugh. ARGH parents watching LOTRROTKED on the one TV with sky and Loooooost is on. Recording though, phew.
  11. Post Your Purchases

    Haha, they look better on the invisible model, trust. Stop looking at the length and start looking at the SPOTS! But yeah, they're a normal length in real life.
  12. Lost: The Final Season

    I can see what you're doing ReZ, stop trying to derail our masturbatory Lost thread with Comedy Rainbow plugs
  13. Lost: The Final Season

    Yeah but Lost is good.
  14. Lost: The Final Season

    Odders and Jayseven I am loving your powerful words. I am waiting, as you all know. Not tempted. At all. Nah. It's fine.
  15. Post Your Purchases

    Nonsense! Convert her. Show her the path to enlightenment. In a non religious sect type way
  16. Oh Bard, I would have kicked him off the island. But I'm mean. And not 16. :P
  17. I don't know what horrified me more, him complaining or the fact that the first time he complained didn't equate to the last time he was ever getting sex.
  18. Lost: The Final Season

    Can we all watch it on Sky 1 instead of the alternative. You know it makes sense. Come with me if you want to live.
  19. The Music Thread.

    Lets be honest, flaws are more interesting than perfections :P I enjoyed the nod to Leia
  20. The Music Thread.

    Lol, I know. I was winking with the judging. And my preference would be a gattling gun.
  21. The Music Thread.

    Judging people is fun though, tbf :wink: Especially NDubz fans. ReZ, I'm looking at you.