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  1. Hi. I'm new.

    I'm Molly. I like balls. Not really, I just couldn't resist. ANYWAY. Welcome.
  2. User Image Gallery

    I can't thank everyone, but I am loving the theme. Razz, you just blasphemed about dressing gowns. They are essential! But your picture is dazzling, so I will live and let live.
  3. How was your day?

    How about NO you crazy Dutch bastard. (I just like saying that, too much). Yes, I am excited for tomorrow now! Also about seeing The Wolfman later.
  4. User Image Gallery

    Lol, well that was my point. I am!
  5. User Image Gallery

    Lillster, are you wearing 3D glasses and a dressing gown?
  6. Make pancakes not love

    We had savoury pancakes that were orgasm inducing, not going to lie. I'm so full though, I don't know if can manage a sweet one. This is serious. /innuendo bingo. I know.
  7. User Image Gallery

    *holds head in hands for not having the foresight* :P
  8. User Image Gallery

    Dan Dare. Thank you, Stevie is now on my Spotify playlist filling a chasm I never realised was there.
  9. Make pancakes not love

    Otto's all over the place, he loves it.
  10. Make pancakes not love

    I can't believe I forgot!! I was gonna make paella but that's out the window now. I shall go straight to Tesco after work. Ah the irony of buying things for a day where you're meant to be using things up from the cupboard.
  11. User Image Gallery

    Well thank you, that's lovely of you. I certainly wasn't expecting any compliments when I posted the ugliest picture known to man :P
  12. User Image Gallery

    -ipaul is very pretty. I say that in a non paedo way, he is young enough to be my child. Nearly. -I don't understand the whole Moogle being a female thing, I don't know many women with a big ginger beard. Some, but not many. -Ellmesiter is lovely. I'm just looking for a ''funny face'' pic, there are so many to choose from.
  13. Buon Compleanno Tu Bello Stronzo!

    To a genuine hottie, both facially and in character, happy birthday!
  14. Anti-Police

    I was watching a documentary about the police/ambulance/fire services the other day and the abuse they get in some areas, both physical and verbal, is horrific. Just abhorrent behaviour. I think most people have it in their heads that the Police are in some way out to get them, rather than protect them. As far as I can make out, that stems from...fear, paranoia, rebelling against authority, people sharing bad experiences more than good, views being passed down generations, the media being critical, and a lack of perspective. I don't think the Police are perfect in any way, but I tend to look at the Home Office when I need someone to blame for it.
  15. How was your day?

    It never stops being essential though. Not for making money necessarily, just, being an interesting and knowledgeable person. My Grandad, the first boy to go to University from his village, a nuclear physicist and the greatest man I've ever known, was still reading Journal articles at the age of 86.
  16. Rate the last film you saw

    Ah nevermind. I'll just throw all my contempt on them! And love, of course.
  17. Rate the last film you saw

    Was this on purpose? Because I enjoyed it, if it was!
  18. Valentine's Day 2010

    Ashley you sound like Carrie Bradshaw!!! No post on a Sunday, that must be why I don't have any cards. They'll all come tomorrow. Yeah. Tomorrow.
  19. Football Season 2009/2010

    Juuuuuuuuuuuussi!!! Replays are such a waste of time and money, I wish they'd just go to extra time, get it decided then and there.