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  1. How was your day?

    Yeah Sophie's an issue, but I'll deal. Don't know about Kelly yet. Unfortunately I have to think about myself, this is something different to put on my CV with a new skill set.
  2. How was your day?

    I had an interview last week for an internal job in Investment Accounting, I've got it and I accepted it today. It'll be my last day in the contact centre next friday. I still get made redundant in November and I still desperately want to leave before then, but yeah. Got a 10% payrise, which is lovely.
  3. What Can You Play?

    If you're awesome Bard, perhaps you could teach me. I can pay you in... smiles.
  4. What Can You Play?

    Awesome that you just decided to learn. Maybe I should see if I'm still musically challenged and learn to play something.
  5. You're a treat, thank you. I want to compare them yes, I also want an unbiased person (i.e. a non-fanboy or hater :P) to tell me which is best!


    Yeah I was pretty low today, but I've just about picked myself up. Good luck with your interview :)

  6. Happy Birthday Danny! See you in a few weeks :wink:
  7. How was your day?

    Didn't get it. An email, the wimp's way out. I've come home and taken half a day's holiday. Want to get straight on with another application. And be upset on my own. Apparently other people had more experience and my answers weren't concise enough. So I have something to work on. Not looking for sympathy. Just thought I'd update, as I mentioned it yesterday.
  8. Definitely the latter!

  9. Thank you!! :D


    The first thing I'm gonna do is find out what ''4G'' means. Lol.

  10. What Can You Play?

    Daft, your piano is very pretty. Also, I don't* play, I listen. *can't.
  11. iPhone 4/iOS4

    I do spell correctly. I hope :P What do I want from a phone? Fast internet Good touch screen with multitouch Good camera A good selection of Aps Slimline and easily pocketable Something pretty It is quite sexy. I say that from the pictures, not the video. I don't have quicktime, ha. Guess I'll see how much it's going to set me back first.
  12. iPhone 4/iOS4

    I know nobody's handled one, but does it seem better than the best HTC?
  13. iPhone 4/iOS4

    I tried to use his N900 and I basically couldn't, but I put that down to me not being geeky enough, after all it's a ''computer'' not a phone.
  14. How was your day?

    Tell her to pull her fucking socks up or shes OUT! Fuck. Swearing's so fun when you're feeling blue.
  15. iPhone 4/iOS4

    I want one. Mainly to annoy ReZ
  16. How was your day?

    Had an interview in London today. I called my contact in the company straight after (as she'd asked me to do) and she said she'd call me in a few hours with the outcome/next steps. She hasn't called. One of the interview questions was ''How do you deal with rejection?''. I wonder if he was trying to tell me something. Bleh.
  17. How was your day?

    The White Dress, an excellent choice And congrats on the weight loss Ine! I should probably know this by now, but would a potential employer call for a telephone interview with no warning? I missed a call today and then the lady emailed me asking to call her. I don't know whether I'm calling to arrange a telephone interview or whether this is going be it. Ahhhhh.
  18. User Image Gallery

    Razz, anger is a sexy emotion for you. Seriously. Ine, the white dress, a thousand times the white dress!!!
  19. How was your day?

    We've got a family of Blue tits who feed in our garden. Although the mum and dad are looking quite ragged, the children are very demanding. To be fed and stuff. Pretty much all I've done this weekend is watch films, it's been great. P.S I want to be stood next to R2D2, so much.
  20. Lost: The Final Season

    I managed to watch this today. I think maybe I do have ADHD because it seemed to go on and on AND on. I'm mulling it over.
  21. How was your day?

    Got back from Bristol last night, I'm quite exhausted. The work side of it was completely exasperating this week. My phone also went missing on Monday morning before I left, so I had to cancel it because I couldn't look for it, being in Bristol and all. So all week I felt kind of cut off, away with no phone. Then I got back last night and it was under my bed. Luckily I've got all my numbers, I can now de-blacklist it and once my new sim arrives I'll be back online. Anyway I had a fun time outside of work! Nothing happened with that guy I was talking about before though. He came out on Thursday night and I am still completely confused as to what happened. He was all over me and we were having a great time, then he seemed to go distant and didn't really want to talk to me. Possible reasons for this, another guy declared his love for me so we were talking away from the group for quite a long time. I'm not interested in this other guy and he has a girlfriend (surprise surprise, this always happens to me). The other thing, which I found out much later on, is that my friend had said to him ''So, what do you think of Molly?'' and they had a whole conversation about me. Cringe, don't meddle, just...don't. That's the end of that anyway. I'm meant to be doing another week down there with work but I don't think I'm going to do it. Will be going down for a couple of weekends at some point though, I'm sure.
  22. Our name's Cecille.

    Happy Birthday Chair! I'm floored by your sound.