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  1. How was your day?

    First day in my new role/job. Myself and two other women started today, going into a team of about 20 men and 1 woman who's our manager. Us 3 n00bs have a room of our own, still right next to the team, but feels a tad cut off and claustrophobic. Thank god for the massive windows. The two women are also awful. One talks constantly about inane and uninteresting things, the other is just generally annoying. I found myself gritting my teeth. This was Day 1 of potentially 5 months. I could actually hear the Geordie Big Brother man in my head as though this small room was some kind of social experiment, designed to test my breaking point. Slight silver lining is that the work should be ok/more interesting and once we have lots of work to do, they'll hopefully stop talking to me. Also had a moment when meeting one of the guys in the team, I was thinking ''wow'' and I hope he was. He probably wasn't. But it felt like a moment.
  2. How was your day?

    I don't know where the cooking thread is, but I just made this bad boy for our father's day meal, it's a chocolate tiramisu.
  3. Thats an interesting green font you chose there :P :P

  4. Post Your Purchases

    £34. A wedding present for my cousin. I'm a bit dissappointed because they live in a lovely farm house and I wanted to get them something beautiful for it. But their wedding list was quite boring/functional and I had to pick something.
  5. Chesham Waitrose is rubbish. They had no fillet steak. Lols. TIF though, I drove to Thame. An all round... lovelier Waitrose. :heh:


    Oh I was all stressed so I forgot to go to the comic book shop. I will do, one day.

  6. Ah sorry to hear Ash, they're clearly fools of a took. Maccies will fly by (in the style of Dame Judi in Notes on a Scandal) and then you'll be in London, wooooop.


    Last week was good, did absolutely no work on Friday which was lovely. I didn't truth bomb anyone as my new job is upstairs in the same building...awkward, heh.

  7. Father's Day

    I'm gonna pick up a good bottle of red. My brother and I are also making him a meal of fillet steak and lobster ''surf and turf'' with chunky chips and asparagus. It's ambitious.
  8. Yes, the flower is a problem. I am unconvinced that the dress is worth the price. Thank you for your appraisal Pash.

  9. Look at the dress in post your purchases, opinion needed! :)

  10. Post Your Purchases

    Lol!! You've just ruined that dress. I know, but there's only S M and L. So it could be... S=6/8, M=10/12 L=14/16, in which case I'll never fit into it. Hmmmm. My top half is a size smaller than the bottom half. I was told today that I have a Beyonce bum. It was meant to be a compliment, but kind of difficult to take that way.
  11. Post Your Purchases

    Well I'm pretty fussy about prints, but I think I like it. I need to see it on maaaaaa booooody though. Also only available in size ''s'' with no explanation as to what size that equates to. So that will be interesting. Oh, Kongrats on the Kream. Yes, I did.
  12. Post Your Purchases

    I want a new maxi dress for my holiday! What do you think of this one? http://www.johnlewis.com/71921/Style.aspx I do love that it's called Spartacus but I can't decide if the ''appliqué flower'' cheapens it...
  13. Rate the last film you saw

    Drag Me To Hell Hammed up horror, brilliant. I love that kind of ending, too. 8/10
  14. I learnt that fun is a universal magnet that binds us together. So that was useful.
  15. I watched the keynote. It was ridiculous and laughable. Oh and boring. Lol.

  16. Lol, No I was ''Molly'', I quit because I was only being nosey really :p

  17. Why cant I talk to you on chat?

  18. Rate the last film you saw

    I used to love Jerry Maguire and there are still elements I enjoy, but him realising he loves her at the end just seems like total bullshit now I'm old and cynical. You complete me? You had me at hello? Pass me a bucket. /rant.
  19. Questions

    I have Sky internet too. In the last couple of days the Forum's not been loading when I use Chrome on the main PC. But on my netbook, it's fine. Very strange.
  20. Summer Tasks

    - Work. - Get another job. - Go to Copenhagen with my favourite people. I anticipate Denmark to be nothing like Canada. - Go to Cheltenham, Manchester and Leeds to visit friends. - Become a ''friend'' of Aylesbury's amazing new theatre and see everything. - Go to my cousin's wedding in Cambridge. - Have a birthday party. - Exercise loads, lose more weight and tone up. - Watch lots of sport. - Sunbathe. - Read. - Ooh learn a musical instrument. Piano? Guitar? Who knows. - See The Comedy of Errors at Regent's Park open air theatre. - Write a comedy series.
  21. Photography.

    I love this photo.
  22. Rate the last film you saw

    Ah, I don't need to watch it now
  23. Comedy Rainbow

    The first one was brilliant. A real laugh from me. Loved it.
  24. How was your day?

    Even if the grammar does make me want to tear my eyes out, it's love for the sentiment. Love. Also, fingers crossed for the job! I just had the best bath ever. I made a playlist for it and everything. I'm old.