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  1. Prometheus (Ridley Scott)

    Awful. The opening sequence is stunning though, shame the rest of the film happens.
  2. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    Never say never! Although... Possibly not :wink: Only messing I do cringe when I see myself on the video. Why am I asking how the camera is, what a douche! Otherwise good work ReZ
  3. N-Europe London Meet - 16th July 2011

    I turned up at the pub quite late in the day, walked straight through into the gents loo (mistakenly!) and into The Bard, who was very surprised to see me there! Then saw flinkly who was even more shocked... but completely awesome and introduced me to people. I had a lot of fun, drank cider and had some good chats. I also touched/grabbed/caressed several arms and pecs, which was brilliant! Was really lovely to have people asking me to come back. You're a good bunch, glad I came along
  4. Forum User Photos

    I lolled at the cat! And thank you. I love your blog. You know why! :wink:
  5. lol, just had to respond to Daft's post about people making him uncomfortable!

  6. Forum User Photos

    Thanks! Also... I said that to Daft. It's not happened to me!
  7. Forum User Photos

    Kind of like when people say ''I want your body'' on FB! Haha I'm going to be a massive picture whore and show off pics from my recent holiday to Vegas!
  8. Luke, That's Your Sister Dude.

    Wow, a birthday thread.....THANK YOU! As I haven't been around recently, this is a most pleasant surprise. I am now reallllly old. I had a birthday house party on Saturday night, it was awesome. To give you an idea, this is the state I was in by the end:
  9. Describe Members in One Word

    And I thought we were friends
  10. N-Europe London Meet Sat July 24th 2010

    Awesome day, extremely fun. Highlights, in no particular order: -Everyone I met!!! -Daft -Frisbee -Jenga commentary -Hugging Coolness Bears -Eating on the steps of Trafalgar Sq -Bard hugs. Just Bard in general -Being a hardcore gamer in Trocadero -Inverted nipples -Pub talk -ReZ's sausage dog. Not a euphemism. -Wandering off when people started talking about gaming -Drinking what looked like the urine of someone with a kidney infection, smelt like Christmas pudding, but made by Grecian Monks. -Learning that new members are just old members returning -Talking to Fliiiiinnnneeeeooo (?). Such a lovely couple and awesome in their own-respective-right, of course. -Loads more that I can't recall now Lowlights: -Going to the wrong ambulance and being really late -Being PAPPED (bastards) -Razz leaving -Lack of stars @Jay, I was telling you how in India they calculate the weather with their hands, instead of computers. Or something.
  11. Show Us Your Hats

    [ATTACH]3378[/ATTACH] ......
  12. Experimental thread lock

    I like it. I think we should embrace the change and then suckle at it's warm and tender teat. Edit: Although, I definitely won't read all the threads. Not that I did before, I'm extremely lazy.
  13. User Image Gallery

    ipaul, what are your headphones? I want them. Your face is also adorable, naturally.
  14. A Day In The Life Of HWYD

    There will be Boob in 3D next Saturday
  15. A Day In The Life Of HWYD

    I cannot BELIEVE I missed this thread. Amazing. I lolled. But our love is mutual!
  16. Status updates I hate

    ''Your'' when they mean ''You're''. It's enough to be deleted as a friend.
  17. Dreams of Penguins. Oft Kinky.

    Oh god, last night's dream was strange. Football had become a one on one sport that was played in/through a sea of gateaux. I was ''England'' and had to play against Hitler. But I was upside down in the cake and couldn't get out/couldn't breathe, so he was winning. Felt horrible.
  18. N-Europe London Meet Sat July 24th 2010

    Fuck, this is scarily soon. I don't really know what time I'm getting there, it depends what time I get up and how long I wander around Hyde Park psyching myself up :p Oh, I feel I should say this for anyone expecting Leia to turn up... I'm not a ''thin'' person. Bard, I can give you ReZ's phone number if you like? I think he would enjoy the phone sex. Muchly.
  19. Hey! Yeah Copenhagen was lovely. It bankrupted me. But it was worth it!! Shame about that job, sorry to hear. Still, London is ever nearer :)

  20. How was your day?

    Last night was awesome. A few friends and I went to a night called Secret Sessions, basically a gathering of local acoustic singer-songwriters, where our friend was playing. He's astonishingly talented, I love him a little. I wish he would sing to me. Ha. Anyway, much later on when most people had gone, him and his friend (who is a professional songwriter/undeniable hotty) were just playing for us, we were singing songs and they were scatting about us, into the wee hours. It was so fun. AND I was sober (I'm not drinking at the moment. Well, I will be next Saturday for obvious reasons).
  21. Lyrics Of The Day

    The STARS, the MOON, they have all been blown out, You left me in the dark.
  22. How was your day?

    ''Wow'' man is single (some amazing detective work carried out). Now I don't really know what to do. People I like usually seem to be attached or...other things. ReZ's advice is ''Seduce him''. So, yeah. I shan't think about it now, I'm flying to Coooopenhaaaaagen in a few hours, fuck yeah.
  23. Emergency Budget

    I'm so glad the civil service rejected me, they can take their pay freeze and shove it up their...what? Huh.
  24. Wimbledon 2010

    Laura Robson, a British girl of just 16, took Jankovic to a tie break in the second. It was wonderful. I do love Wimbledon. I would have gone this year if every social event hadn't fallen on one weekend, bah.