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  1. Cool Vbulletin feature.

    I've alway liked VB, so there's nothing wrong this forum, GO On I would say!
  2. Black or White?

    the white one looks cool, but doesn't fit wiith my television, so it gonna be black ( unless I buy a white television if you can buy a thing like that..)
  3. Your top 5 songs of the moment

    Black Eyed Peas - don't lie Crush 40 - What I'm made of Ted Poley and Tony harnell - We can Project B. - The eye of the storm Eamon - fuck it
  4. Who do you think you are?

    I was once at the Cube europe boards, but almost never posted there... hope to make a chance here... (I was a guy named Captin Duck) aw well... I'm gonna post more and Hi! I'm the_tornado
  5. Things That aren't excellent

    I had got a hard day of school (and have to much hours next week, stupid school)
  6. Good or Bad?

    Well atleast there controller is more revolutioner then the one of Sony or Microsoft. should beat them enough with that, but I think that nintendo has really go insane with the controller, although I'm happy about how it looks. point is, I'm not a FPS fan, so only older games for me!
  7. Things That are Excellent!

    I've seen the revolution controller ( and it looks like a remote control).