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  1. How was your day?

    Well I'm having an awesome time. Arrived in Sydney for the last 4 nights of me and my girlfriend's travels in Australia yesterday, and today has been sunny (it hasn't been sunny for a while irritatingly)! We visited all the places we went to on the first week we had here, bought some souvenirs and an awesome t-shirt (Che Guevara with Mickey Mouse ears). Don't want to go back to England now Although staying at my friend's uni accommodation really has made my desire for uni in October all the more strong...
  2. How was your day?

    Wow Baz, fancy you being the first one to post... I see you're a moderator, and you've started a collaborative fiction thread. My plans are coming to fruition... Oh and it's raining so I'm more annoyed about my day now.
  3. How was your day?

    My day's been brilliant as I'm in Australia, and I'd forgotten about being a member of this site. How wonderful!
  4. Am I the only one who gets turned on

    Ah man, I love Bill Bailey's interpretation of that, sheer genius
  5. Desperate Housewives

    Man, Bree is attractive, and if you find Mrs. Percival attractive, I pity you.
  6. Hobbies

    I'm more-or-less obsessed with indie music, so I keep up with that a lot of the time. Love watching football (I'm a Spurs fan too)
  7. Desperate Housewives

    My girlfriend got me into DH, and I've become ever so slightly obsessed. Bree's definitely the best character imo, just some of the stuff she comes up with is genius (plus the fact that she looks more than a little like my girlfriend is fun too)
  8. I have to say I'm on both sides of this argument. Obviously she cheated and that's a huge thing, soemthing that can't be forgotten BUT, like scubahood said, if she really loves you, this whole thing may well make it so she never strays again, and for that it may be worth thinking about. It won't be easy, but it might make you happy in the long run. Don't be too rash either way.
  9. Captions 2.0 (56k)

    "CONGA!" ... Ten Characters my ass.
  10. Rate the last film you saw

    The Prestige Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson, Michael Caine, David Bowie (!) I went to this simply because Casino Royale was booked up, and I'm glad I did. So many twists, not knowing which person is the "good guy", a brilliantly complex plot and David Bowie with a brilliant moustache and Russian accent. Only let down by a couple of dialogue scenes that dragged on a bit. 9/10, see it!
  11. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    It does what it's meant to do, and looks nice, 7/10
  12. Love?

    Ok, whenever I tell anyone I'm in love, they usually laugh at me, 'cause I'm only 17. But what I share with my girlfriend is so much more than anything I've ever shared with anyone else. We find ourselves saying the same things at the same time. We like the same stuff. We can stay with each other for hours talking and not get bored. When we kiss, it's amazing. We even have the same freakin' birthday. We make each other so happy, and having both been unhappy before we got together, it means so much. The thing is, we both liked each other for at least a year beofre we got together (and I havealcohol to thank for making me ask), it just feels like we're meant to be. Uni's coming up now and, whilst our courses mean we largely have the same unis on our choices, we might not be at the same place. What do I do then? I'm scared about it. This is the point love will make you feel amazing, better than anything, but it can frighten you beyond belief.
  13. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    Kinda blurry, but a nice edit to make the name, 7/10 My new one's basically just an update of my old one with just a load of band names on it instead of the old "Hey Scenesters! It's Surrealist!" message
  14. Rate the last film you saw

    We are the clever one, aren't we? :p Moulin Rouge Saw I had this on DVD the other day, and hadn't watched in ages so me and the girlfriend had a watch. It was really enjoyable. Greatly incorporated classic songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit and Roxanne make it easily accessible in terms of the musical aspect, and it has some really very funny moments (mostly surreal I might add) as well as a gripping (but basic) plotline. 8/10