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  1. Dan stop closing the freaking threads. Why can't we talk about these incidents. They've never been closed/ locked before....


    IF it gets out of hand, lock it but why now whilst people are still talking.


    This. I can understand the need to feel useful once in a while by closing threads and whatnot, but you shouldn't close a thread because you deem it "predictable".

  2. To be fair, Zech and Choze cancel each other out. I can't help but think that if this was football, it would be a drab 0-0 encounter were both teams show off a lot but ultimately fail to make that breakthrough.


    Exactly. I want this console wars bullshit to stay out of my Metroid thread.

  3. No offense but this looked utter crap to me as they seem to be erasing Metroid Prime pretty much. Team Ninja on a RPG? It could be like a Star Fox with Namco. What was wrong with Retro?


    This isn't an RPG. And it's not just Team Ninja. It's Team Ninja working together with the Nintendo studio responsible for all 2D Metroids ever, so the potential for this game is massive. I think it's a good thing Retro is allowed to do other things at the moment.

  4. I want to see some Kreig..err..that big fat green guy. Can't remember his name. Would be awesome.


    Kraid. WTF is wrong with you, you work for a Nintendo site and you don't know one of Nintendo's most iconic bosses? For shame.:p

  5. Samus talks. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! What have they done?



    She talked in Fusion, and it was awesome.


    EDIT: And in the Super Metroid prologue, and in Metroid: Zero Mission before the suitless part.