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  1. I actually remember playing MP: Hunters with you back in the day.


    Rez had to Google you mid-game just to see if it was a well-known phrase/character. Could you hear our shock over mic?


    Oh yeah. I don't have a mic so my only way of responding was to taunt.

  2. When I saw Rezourceman's name popping up I lol'd. I didn't think you guys would remember me actually, I haven't been here in ages.


    Oh and Rez, try laughing instead of saying "lol". You sound like some emotionless robot that has replaced laughing with the "lol command".

  3. Broadcast Yourself


    Them Crooked Vultures - Mind Eraser, No Chaser


    Go download it for free from the iTunes store!


    Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age), Josh Homme (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age), John Paul Jones (Led Fucking Zeppelin) come together to form the best band ever. Their self titled album should be out around the 17th of November. I am hyped as FUCK.

  4. I have only one thing to say...


    Shit. Boost Guardian.



    [EDIT: That being said I managed to defeat him quite easily. I'm most pleased they toned him down a bit.]


    Pff, he wasn't even hard in the original version of Echoes. The Spider Ball Guardian, now that was a real bitch. I'm glad we got the spring ball now, it made him a lot less frustrating.

  5. I completely Prime 1 earlier today (well yesterday now...)


    I got 98% pick ups and 98% scans in just under 8 hrs.


    The thing is, I can't work out how I didn't get 100% for items. I have 250 missiles, 7 power bombs, 14 energy tanks and all the beam combos. With all other items being mandatory (if played correctly) it means I should have 100% surely, but I don't.



    Looks like you're missing a power bomb expansion.


    I finally beat all 3 of these games 100%. It took me a little over a week. I want to get all unlockables, but I'm not sure I want to bother with all the friend vouchers bullshit. It'd mean I'd have to get my Wii online again somehow, but the Wii is a piece of shit when it comes to that.

  6. I didn't bother registering. I already have Metroid on the original Prime and Zero Mission. At its core it's a good game, but by today's standards too unforgiving.


    Also, it's not worth registering if you want points/stars/whatever as the system has been gimped. I hate how your points can expire.

  7. I don't know if he means this, but to me Echoes felt too "structured". The flow of the game didn't feel as natural as Prime or any other Metroid game (bar Fusion, I guess). Visit an area, go to its temple thing, go to the dark world for the keys, kill boss, return energy, rinse and repeat. It felt like a fucking Zelda game.


    In the other Metroid games you're just thrown into the world and you have to figure out what to do yourself.


    (Don't think I don't like Echoes though, I looooove it. Just look at my username. That said, "worst" of the trilogy).