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  1. four letter word progression

    Feed me, I'm hungry.
  2. Anime and manga discussion

    Kana books are a waste of money. There are plenty of good websites to learn kana with. Smart.fm is a cool learning tool. I fucking love it.
  3. four letter word progression

    I've seen some things I thought I never saw, covered in hair.
  4. four letter word progression

    Hats off to all you fellows.
  5. four letter word progression

    Rape me, my friend. Oh should stop spamming in this thread, I should be working right now.
  6. four letter word progression

    Free me out of this cage.
  7. four letter word progression

    My creativity is not for sale.
  8. four letter word progression

    10 character limit is lame.
  9. four letter word progression

    Puss ewww EDIT: Uh-oh, too many people posting at the same time. Ignore me then.
  10. Post Your Purchases

    Cool game, but SEGA really fucked up with this lazy 50Hz conversion. Should've gotten the American version instead.
  11. The Music Thread.

    Pretty old news apparently, but I stumbled upon this just now: "DEVO ANNOUNCE NEW STUDIO ALBUM TO DEBUT FALL 2009! De-evolution has finally arrived...and who better to guide us through the mess than DEVO. The fall of 2009 will bring a new DEVO studio album, their first one since 1990's Smooth Noodle Maps. It'll mark their first new music since the strong fan reaction that greeted the 2007 single "Watch Us Work It," their first new song in 18 years and one that was produced by Sweden's TeddyBears (Robyn). They're now in the studio putting the finishing touches on their new album (title TBA)." Fuck yeah.
  12. The Power Spin Dance

    That's exactly the same expression I have browsing this thread.
  13. Resident Evil 5

    He doesn't. His posts might as well all be replaced with a link to the Neogaf forums.
  14. Man makes the schlong choice, cuts off own penis

    I don't know know what to say, I'm stumped.
  15. Bits Or No Bits?

    I hate bits. They only belong in soup.
  16. Multiplatform Wii titles on the horizon?

    If you're looking for multiplatform Wii games, the only games that come to mind are PS2 ports sadly enough.
  17. Resident Evil 5

    I just beat it. It was awesome.
  18. Resident Evil 5

    This game is incredible. Sheva's AI is surprisingly good too. Haven't played it in co-op yet, but I'd probably annoy people as this is my first time through, and I'm not that good yet. But if anyone still wants to join me in a game, let me know and add my PSN ID.
  19. Post Your Purchases

    Finally got around to getting this: And then there's also this waiting for me at home:
  20. How was your day?

    Yeah, it's pretty cool. I had no idea Japanese shared so many similarities with Turkish, for instance.
  21. How was your day?

    Linguistics are complicated stuff. I went to some non-compulsary lecture on the origins of Japanese Yesterday. I had no clue what she was saying, not just because I was a little drunk, but I'd never heard of most the linguistic terms she used. Also, the people asking questions at the end really liked using the word "überhaupt" for some reason. It's a German word that means something like "anyway", that Dutch speaking people like to use to sound intelligent.
  22. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - What now?

    I don't want it to be fresh or innovative. I want exactly the same game as SMG, but with new levels.
  23. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    What makes the vid even more awesome is that the chorus appears to be shot in that fake Disneyland amusement park.
  24. Resident Evil 4 - :)

    What the hell is wrong with you?