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  1. Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

    Did the lickers get a redesign? They look a lot like the ones from RE5, except for the head.
  2. Post Your Purchases

    Play is awesome. Even if it's just because importing from the UK is cheap as fuck.
  3. How was your day?

    Lots of people in the comments seem to know them. Maybe they really are sluts?
  4. 24 Season 7/Redemption Thread

    Hey, I like Janice. She's no Chloe, but she's still a decent female computer-nerd.
  5. The Music Thread.

    The MP3 theme/Bryo is his best. Incredible. The downed Frigate theme is good, until the metal part starts, for some reason.
  6. 24 Season 7/Redemption Thread

    I love the scenes where Renee has to run. Boingoingoing.
  7. Post Your Purchases

    Hopefully the image works now.
  8. Post Your Purchases

    €9. I've heard mixed opinions about this, so I held off on buying this game until I found it for a good price.
  9. Rejection...

    Ugh, the motherfucking "friend zone". That's what you get for being a nice guy, I guess.
  10. lol sushi

    I don't actually see any sushi in any of these obentō posted here.
  11. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Well aren't you a hoot.
  12. 24 Season 7/Redemption Thread

  13. lol sushi

    Obentō is a true art form.
  14. How was your day?

    Even though you merely describe it as "edible", it looks really delicious.
  15. N-E Picture Caption Game

    Things to avoid during emergencies: putting retards in front of the emergency door.
  16. How was your day?

    Reading this thread really makes my life seem so dull.
  17. Anime and manga discussion

    They were decent enough. Except for the third one "L Change the World". I advise you to stay as far away as possible from that one.
  18. Anime and manga discussion

    They better not fuck up Monster... Who am I kidding, they'll fucking rape it. Goddamn Hollywood.
  19. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    I got my PS3 last summer with MGS4. And I do remember Boo. Why? And I logged on to the PS3 website, but no luck.
  20. Cute Animals

    Hedgehogs (not when they try to be hip and cool and wear sneakers) and moles are really cute too. Eeey, what's up in this bitch? I'm a mole!
  21. Cute Animals

    I'm a big fan of anteaters. GIS'ing anteaters gives nice results: