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  1. Exams 2009!

    Just one more week and my exams will be over. I'm getting tired.
  2. Fact x Importance = News

    The tattoo artist was French, but this article doesn't seem to mention that. She says she can't speak French, but really, an 18 year-old Flemish girl should be able to speak just a little French.
  3. Fact x Importance = News

    Dumb bitch. "Trois étoiles". There, not that difficult, right?
  4. Dreams of Penguins. Oft Kinky.

    Last night I dreamt about a movie where Tobey Maguire plays an autistic kid singing Elvis songs. wtf
  5. How was your day?

    Congrats. Try not to get involved in any spectacular chrashes again.
  6. Post Your Purchases

    You cheap bastard.
  7. How was your day?

    Aw fuck, the shitty music discussions from the music thread have infected the HWYD thread.
  8. FIRE do do dooo, do do

    25 years and 9 months ago two people rubbed their rocks together and created Flameboy. Happy Birthday.
  9. How was your day?

    By closing the thread so soon you also took away the possibility of any discussion happening. But whatever, I'll just agree to disagree.
  10. How was your day?

    This. I can understand the need to feel useful once in a while by closing threads and whatnot, but you shouldn't close a thread because you deem it "predictable".
  11. Natal Motion Control/Recognition (360)

    Or maybe it just hates N'Gai.
  12. Heroes Series 4

    Lost season 5 is fucking incredible. I can understand getting tired of 24 though (I sure haven't!).
  13. The best export since Carlsberg was invented

    Happy Birthday Danish Dan!
  14. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Who's the babe on the left?
  15. Metroid: Other M

    I hadn't thought of that. Good call.
  16. Metroid: Other M

    Say, in the trailer at part the with the girl looking at Samus through the window... Does anyone else see a corpse (or something like it) lying at Samus' feet?
  17. It's more likely that we're unfamiliar with American talk shows.
  18. Can God commit suicide?

    Nah, he'd chicken out eventually.
  19. Bill...killed

    Awww, dammit.
  20. Metroid: Other M

    Exactly. I want this console wars bullshit to stay out of my Metroid thread.
  21. Metroid: Other M

    This isn't an RPG. And it's not just Team Ninja. It's Team Ninja working together with the Nintendo studio responsible for all 2D Metroids ever, so the potential for this game is massive. I think it's a good thing Retro is allowed to do other things at the moment.
  22. But...why has the Rummy gone?

    Creampie indeed. Eh, happy birthday.
  23. Metroid: Other M

    Kraid. WTF is wrong with you, you work for a Nintendo site and you don't know one of Nintendo's most iconic bosses? For shame.:p