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  1. It's funny to go to NeoGaf, and then come back here seeing the exact same posts and threads made by Dante.
  2. Beatles Rock Band

    come together right now over me *jizz* I have a friend who'll probably get this, can't wait to go and play it. I love Rock Band, but I'll never buy it. The plastic instruments are expensive and take up too much room. I don't need to pay anything to enjoy these games. So awesome.
  3. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Echoes is a really really really fantastic game. The thing is just that it's the least really really really fantastic one of the three.
  4. Post Your Purchases

    Got this trifecta of awesomeness compressed on one single disc yesterday. I beat Prime 1, and I've just started Prime 2!
  5. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Yep. There's the official Nintendo ones, but go for the cheaper third party ones if they have them. I have the official cables, but I heard that the third party ones don't show any difference in quality.
  6. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    It looks pretty good on my HDTV as long as I sit far away enough from the screen. Yes, there's still lots of jaggies visible even from a distance, but it's what I've come to expect from Wii games. Use component cables though, if you're using composite cables I can guarantee you it will look like shit.
  7. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Alright! 86% in 8:48, not too shabby! On to Metroid Prime 2: Echoes!
  8. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Europeans don't get the tin, but Americans don't get the superior narrated intro, so it evens out.
  9. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Finally got my hands on this today. Collected the Gravity Suit and I'm about to head for the Sunken Frigate in Prime 1! I'm glad they kept in the rapid missile fire trick in the game, as they removed it in Echoes.
  10. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    I see your uncle Phil, and I raise you a vagina, a vagina. A vagina, a vagina.
  11. I haven't turrned to Match.com just yet...

    Stop the boasting and fuck off. Yeah, so ronery...
  12. Post Your Purchases

    Apologies for the low quality pic, the only camera I have is the shitty one on my mobile phone. Now I just need to find Shadow of the Colossus somewhere at a decent price...
  13. How was your day?

    Aww, can't hang out with a mate tonight, seems he has gotten yet another girlfriend. He doesn't seem to know the meaning of "bros before hoes".
  14. PlayStation 3 Console Discussion

    No, but I have other awesome PSN-related news: All Mirror's Edge DLC seems to be free at the moment on the euro PSN stores. Everybody should download it before it turns out to be some kind of mistake and it gets a price tag again!
  15. Hi Liz!! *waves*

    That's right, I'm talking to you dad!
  16. How was your day?

    I'll be getting up at 2 am to go to Barcelona for a couple of days. Farewell etc.
  17. Wii HD is here!!!

    So pretty. I wish Wii had an HDMI port...
  18. Post Your Purchases

    The PSP is starting to get some really good games in its library, and the announcements of MGS Peace Walker and Resident Evil made me cave in!
  19. Exams 2009!

    I just got my results. I passed! 70,42%! CUM LOADED, I MEAN CUM LAUDE BABY!
  20. New Trailers

    Of course it is! Japanese cult-gore-cinema at its best!
  21. New Trailers

    From the creators of The Machine Girl comes... Robo Geisha!: HOLY SHIT. I loved Machine Girl, own it on DVD and watched it many times already. This looks even more awesomely hilarious!
  22. Marvelous Porting Wii Games To 360/PS3

    Muramasa HD plzkthx
  23. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Those are some goddamn sweet preorder goodies. I hope we'll get something like that, but it's probably false hope.