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  1. Who do you think you are?

    I'm Echo from the Cube-Europe forum. Didn't have much posts there because I started getting active during the summer. Good thing post counts aren't important here, everyone's equal. Like the new site and forum, Xsorbit was crap.
  2. Black or White?

    The black one, it looks better with the blue light shining out of the console. If there were red Revolutions at launch, I'd get a red one though.
  3. Official Nintendo Revolution Controller Shots (56k)

    This is going to be fantastic! Nintendo has done it once again, an entirely new way of playing games. Too bad there's no game footage out yet. One of the most interesting things in the Revolution trailer was that guy playing drums by holding two controllers like drumsticks. I'd definately buy a drum-sim, or any music-sim really. Imagine using the left controller to push a button which stands for a chord and swinging the right one like you would on a real guitar! The possibilities are endless with this new form of input.