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  1. Happy Christmas and a good New Year!

    Merry Christmas, and don't forget the true meaning of this holiday: gifts!
  2. The VIP DS pack, followed closely by the Zelda collector's edition. I hope they'll do something with the Revolution comparable to the VIP packs.
  3. NGC reveals Zelda TP WILL use rev controls

    This image sums it up pretty well. Hell. Yes.
  4. what games will you be downloading?

    Really? I thought they said it would work with something comparable to the stars catalogue system.
  5. what games will you be downloading?

    All the NES and SNES Mario games, Super Metroid (never played it on a SNES before, if you know what I mean), Banjo Tooie, Super Mario Kart, Resident Evil 2 (it was on N64 too so it should be up for download). There's probably a bunch of games I forgot to mention.
  6. NGC reveals Zelda TP WILL use rev controls

    Reading those scans has really made me even more excited about this game. I think I'm going to watch the trailers now.
  7. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    Fantastic news, now I can be like that Japanese fellow from the Revolution promo movie swinging the controller! Now let's hope they enhance the graphics a bit.
  8. Chicken Little

    Well, it's not a Pixar production so you might just be right.
  9. what are your mobile phones?

    A Siemens C60. Only had problems with it once, but I got it repaired for free so I can't complain.
  10. This is my most favourite ytmnd. Laughed my arse off when I first saw it. This is funny if you're a "Lost" fan. (Beware: there might be spoilers if you haven't seen season one completely).
  11. Bass guitars

    I've been playing bass for a few years now, and I still use my first one: a Peavey Milestone III. It's a great bass for beginners, and it's still an excellent bass when you're more advanced. I bought it along with a 50W Peavey amp, great for beginners too. You can't really go wrong with these, they're cheap (as I recall) and it's quality material. Now I also have another amp, a 500W Randall amp (incredibly good for jam sessions and gigs) but of course it cost a lot more. I also plan on buying a Washburn or Musicman bass in the future.
  12. Revs final secret Revealed?

    Oh, so with low polygon counts you could still have detailed games. That would be cool. I don't think that's the secret though. Why won't Nintendo tell us already???
  13. Arwing in OOT?

    WTF? Some guys were messing around with a Gameshark and OOT and they found an Arwing! More about it here .
  14. Zelda Guitar MP3

    This is great. I really admire these artists.I love metal remixes of game soundtracks. I already have some Metroid ones too.
  15. 1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Everything from the title screen to the final blow Ganon gets is an unique experience. A game has never been this good at making you feel like the hero. It should be called The Legend of Zelda: Best Game of Time. 2. Metroid Prime 3. Resident Evil 4 4. Metroid Prime 2 Echoes 5. Super Mario Land
  16. Mario Unleashed

    That was some good stuff. Must've took ages to learn to play all that on a xylophone.
  17. What bands/artists do you like?

    Same ol' road by Dredg is fantastic, I love that song!
  18. Dead or Alive movie trailer

    At least the music was good... It's funny one of them actually has purple hair.
  19. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    It wouldn't be the first time. I recall Oracle of Ages/Seasons having an extra dungeon when you played it on the GBA.
  20. X Factor

    There's also an X Factor competition going on in Belgium. It's on the telly as I type this post. I'm a bit tired of all these singing competition programs, so I don't watch it.
  21. killer7 font?

    I think it's legal as long as you're not selling the t-shirt, but I'm not an expert at the law.
  22. So who's looking forward to December 2nd?

    I hope we'll finally see some Revolution games in movement, but it'd be a daring move on the same day the 360 launches.
  23. Rumoured Revolution Games List

    Oh, I must've misread it. If it's just a general games list then all those games are very likely to come out.
  24. Rumoured Revolution Games List

    If true that would be one hell of a launch. But it's not, I don't think there'll be a Zelda game at launch when there's just been a new Zelda.