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  1. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    After knowing the name for a few days now, I can officially say I'm starting to like it. It still could've been better, but I'm used to it now.
  2. What be in your pockets!?

    My cell phone, a handkerchief, my wallet and a cloth for my glasses.
  3. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    It was as if she was punching a pillow. :s
  4. From IGNboards

    If thats true, ... wow. The Wii not needing a television, does this mean some holographic thing?
  5. Tony Hawks Downhill Jam: Rev EXCLUSIVE!!

    I think it doesn't look real because the environment isn't very detailed, it's looks a bit bland. But I suppose you could say it's just a beta environment or something, so just forget I said anything.
  6. Tony Hawks Downhill Jam: Rev EXCLUSIVE!!

    1. That footage doesn't look real. 2. Wii wouldn't be able to produce such graphical power.
  7. My idea of the third secret- Eternal console

    That'd be nice. People would stop bitching about the graphics being less powerful than the competetors.
  8. Sadness

    At first I wasn't too happy about the black and white theme, but now that I've seen some art I'm getting excited. Looks great and very stylish. Looks like this'll be a truly scary game. Haven't been really scared much in games (except in Eternal Darkness, you know, ... the bathtub).
  9. What the hell!?

    Wow! Pirating an entire company? NEC must've lost a fortune because of this.
  10. Rambling thoughts of insomnia...

    It'll be immense. The forum servers will explode.
  11. Bands you're seeing in 2006

    All of these. I'd also like to go to the Werchter festival (Muse, RHCP, The Who, dEUS, ...)but due to financial limitations I'll have to pass.
  12. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    I wonder how that would implement the Revo... uhh Wii controller.
  13. The RE Box of Mystery! (Apply here!)

    This is now also a Nintendo Wii reference.
  14. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    Wait a minute. Does this mean this site will now be called wii-europe? Please don't replace revo-europe!
  15. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    People probably will have posted something similar by now already, but this thread's growing rapidly, so... Just expressing my disappointment in paint.
  16. What The Hell?? Nintendo Wii!!??

    WEEEEE! Oh no, even the fake names are better than this I hope Nintendo changes it back to Revolution, or gives it a better name. What is wrong with them?
  17. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Haha, made me laugh .
  18. Are you happy with your life?

    And without the sex.
  19. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    Nothing special. Just wanted to try it out.
  20. A Labyrinthine Joy...

    Just beat it, very rewarding.
  21. Are you happy with your life?

    Meh. I don't have many friends, but the ones I do have are great. So I guess that's better than having many "friends" whom your relationship is pretty superficial with. I don't have a girlfriend. School's boring but my grades aren't bad. I'm supposed to be in a band, but we haven't jammed in months (the guitarist/singer is in college and very buzy at the moment, hope he'll have some time soon). In other words I'm not extremely happy with my life, but I suppose it could be worse.
  22. Pukkelpop Festival!

    My brother went there, and it was very rainy so he was soaked. I'm more interested in Werchter, cause Muse will be playing there. Not sure if I'll be able to cough up the money though.
  23. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    The Water Temple wasn't that hard, I had most trouble with the Forest Temple. OOT took me years to beat (being a small kid, this game was hard, luckily my gaming skills have improved). WW took me about a month to beat. TP is supposed to be a lot longer so I'll say it'll take me about two months. It'll be the best two months of my life, if the game succeeds in surpassing OOT.
  24. Funny videos, flash games, etc

    What Reggie thinks about J. Allard Rated M for Mature. Hah, some video editing can have hilarious results. I hope Reggie won't hunt me down now and take my name.
  25. Lost in May

    I'm not downloading anything either. I can just watch it on tv, a PayTV channel called Prime. Season 2 is airing too on a regular TV channel, but they're not as far yet as Prime.