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  1. http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/levelup/archive/2007/06/26/level-up-exclusive-on-nintendo-wiiware.aspx
  2. Gundam MS Front 0079

    Awesome, they have added more characters into the 0079 universe, and yeah, they have also come up with new models for that era too!! Hints towards another 0079 series? :P
  3. smash bros brawl wii

    Hey! I was being constructive. :P
  4. Samba de amigo

    Well if the nunchuk was able and could work just was well as an input as the wiimote, then yeah I guess it would be awesome. But if it isn't, then maybe the fear of having the need for two wiimotes for the play the game scaring consumers away might stop the product from coming any further than a second though from a Sega exec.
  5. Zelda WW vs Zelda TP vs OoT

    Wind Waker had a grander scale, and the whole game, including Dungeons and so forth felt just huge (if somewhat empty in place, see ocean). Twilight Princess presented a smaller scale world, which was large enough, upping the ante from Ocarina, but I believe it borrowed too heavily from it. Wind Waker gave its nods and such to Ocarina without it feeling too intrusive and had such a unique and carefully crafted style that Twilight could never capture, Wind Waker for the win.
  6. Mario Kart Source

    I hope Nintendo shut these idiots down. I wouldn't trust anyone with Mario Kart but Nintendo.
  7. Samba de amigo

    The nunchuk might not be up for the job as a second maraca unfortunately.
  8. smash bros brawl wii

    For Naruto in a Smash Bros. game see Battle Stadium DON for the PS2/Cube in import. (It's not that good either, but features Dragon Ball Z and One Piece characters also)
  9. Opera Trial Channel Impressions

    Zooming. If you press the + you get a smaller zoom, press it hard for a closer zoom.
  10. Opera Trial Channel Impressions

    Agreed about the ironing out things, its suppose to be a trial and the documentation clearly states that there are features left out that will be included in the final release.
  11. Opera Trial Channel Impressions

    Thanks. Youtube on tv awesomeness.
  12. Opera Trial Channel Impressions

    how do you do the manual updating thing correctly? I test my wifi, then signal test, then it asks about doing a system update, which i did, it said there no updates available and i had the most up to date stuff - no opera.
  13. There is talk of a video demo, of an early version, being shown behind closed doors, so don't expect to see anything.
  14. Nintendo Conference Disscussion

    Expect a 5-10 delay guys.
  15. "In 10 years time, I am not going to be making games any more," Keita Takahashi told the BBC News website. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4392964.stm "Developers want to come up with fun games but ideas are judged by their sales potential" In fact, he says he feels slightly ashamed that much of the talk about the new machines is about more realistic looking games, rather than about using the raw power to do different things in a game. ==== Rather sad, he hopde that he would use is genius to make newer, more creative games, and from what he has said, it looks like, at from a personal side, he should try to get on board with Nintendo's DS or Revolution.