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  1. How was your day?

    Today I woke up too late, missed maths, had a shower, went into psychology, talked about casual sex and fetishes (part of psychology, honest) and now I'm sitting here listening to Yo La Tengo and waiting to go do something interesting. It's kinda average so far then.
  2. Post Your Purchases

    Is that the remake of Funny Games? From what I've heard, it's not as good as the original (which I have seen), but maybe I should watch it some time to compare them.
  3. Minute for Madeleine

    I lol'd. I just think that if she is by some chance found, the chances of her being monumentally screwed up for the rest of her life are pretty high. So while I think there's a tiny chance of hope for these people, she may be better off dead. (That sounded horrible, I'm gonna leave now).
  4. 3D on YouTube with no 3D Glasses, and Channel 4 3D Week

    I find it tends to work better if, rather than 'crossing' your eyes, you look 'past' the screen. Doesn't work when the image gets bigger though, you can only un-focus so far.
  5. Have you got any unusual habits?

    I've been told I roll pretty well, can that be classed as a habit? Other than that, I definitely talk to myself all the time, narrating things I'm doing. Usually under my breath, virtually silently, and moving my lips as little as possible.