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  1. We're all going to die....

    Nah, not the media. More the fact that CERN agrees that the possibility is there. That's what makes people mad, as they can imagine for themselves how it would be if it went all wrong. People just get worked up.
  2. We're all going to die....

    I'm begging to look like the whiner now. Well, i won't. I guess we just have to trust the scientists.
  3. We're all going to die....

    Why? If they don't know exactly how it all went, how can they then exactly know that the risk is very small? Maybe something completely unpredicted happens.
  4. We're all going to die....

    LOL, I wouldn't like to be the one fucking up so badly that the earth collapses. "Whoops, sorry guys, my bad! I give a drink"
  5. We're all going to die....

    Huh? My theory? Correct me if i'm wrong, but I wasn't stating anything, I just said what I've heard. After all, this forum is not the spot for scientists. But IF the potential black holes are so small, why does that microscopical chance of DOOMSDAY exist? Even CERN admits that it does. That's what I don't understand.
  6. We're all going to die....

    Hear, hear, I've also searched for reliable information. I don't know if the Hawkings radiation is the only thing that can prevent black holes from growing. The idea about the ultra small ones that never get a change to grow am I also familiar with, but then, I don't know if that's two versions of the same theory, where the latter just doesn't mention the Hawkings radiation. Hm!
  7. We're all going to die....

    No matter if all these scary prophecies are true or not, I can't help but feel sorry for all those kids whining. All this is going to go on for about TWO YEARS! Besides, two things worry me: CERN's main argument, that the earth is bombarded with teeny weeny black wholes all the time, isn't the same as faking one in Geneve, as that one would stay still. The natural ones may be thousands of times stronger, but they are also quite (read: EXTREMELY) fast, and thus they just pass by without having time to say hello. And the Hawkings radiation that is supposed to neutralize the "false" black holes is only abstract talk, something that hasn't been proven. But hey, if something bad is gonna happen, we won't be there to see it!