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  1. I'm in ur profilez sendin u messagez. =P



  2. Final Fantasy XIII

    Okay...for some of the fan girls...(like me) Here are pictures with better quality! http://www.forever-fantasy.net/images/news/final-fantasy-versus-xiii-high-quality-01.jpg http://www.forever-fantasy.net/images/news/final-fantasy-versus-xiii-high-quality-02.jpg
  3. Final Fantasy XIII

    Yea, have to agree with Daft. I'm more looking forward to Versus than to 13. I just like the atmosphere there.
  4. Anime and manga discussion

    I get a bit confused because I read the mange. Where did it end before the fillers started?
  5. Leipzig 08 Topic

    Ah, will anyone go there? I'll be there on saturday. ;D
  6. Anime and manga discussion

    You mean Suzumiya Haruhi? I thought the anime was cool but it was also a bit overrated.. Well, let's see what the second season will bring.. Oh thanks on the Naruto info...guess I'll start to watch then...
  7. Metal Gear Finger (must see)

    Ahaha. This is great! xD