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  1. Wii HD is here!!!

    I won't comment the rest, as the discussion is over for me. This part, I have to. No, I wouldn't, you can be sure of it. There are significant differences. I would probably say it looks nice though, unlike the ones posted from a 720p output.
  2. Wii HD is here!!!

    Well, I've both, so yes, I know. But your manipulating the discussion to fit your needs. It's obvious that, the same game, if programed to send and output of 720p or 1080p, will look better on HD. The same way that Mario Galaxy, programed for 480p, looks much better on that resolution. Yes, you're right, we'll get nowhere. I'm out. Concluding: - That render engine needs a lot of improvement. It looks far worse than the render on the Wii (not to mention that, technically, we can see flaws everywhere - check the video of Mario Galaxy).
  3. Wii HD is here!!!

    Of course it makes difference. It brings lots of bloom, bump mapping and lightning And lack of proper work art... after all, all the budget goes to a great design of muscled healthy characters
  4. Wii HD is here!!!

    Well, at least the opinionated little fella knows what bloom is
  5. Wii Sports Resort

    Run it in the HD emulator and it'll become the best game ever!
  6. Wii HD is here!!!

    You're in contradiction. So you admit the pictures look crappy (because of the game not being have made for HD to begin with or not, don't care), but it's still better anyway. No it isn't. And I don't care why... they're simply awful and if the final result of Galaxy HD was that, I'm happy it isn't. For comparison, SSBB looked nice. These ones... everyone just say that because... well, I don't even know why. Probably because HD=good graphics in peoples' mind.
  7. Wii HD is here!!!

    How can you like that crapy images? Damn... marketing is a powerful thing, indeed. It's awful! Petey in the second image looks like made of steel, or dived into an oil bath. The planets on the background are awful as well. Where's the detail? If you check the other photos, mountains' textures are awful (look made of glass)... It really depresses me that people read "Galaxy at 720p" and don't even look how crappy it is... they simply see light, bloom and exaggerated bump mapping and start "Teh HD consolezzz rulezzz" or "I wish Nintendozzz had put and HDMI portzzz"... Probably that's because both my HD consoles have a lot less use than the Wii (and the Wii was my first Nintendo console, while I had Xbox, PSx and PS2)... I don't care about the number of pixels...
  8. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

    My contribution...
  9. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

    You should be ashamed! First, you didn't play it yet. And second (probably due to the first)... how come is NMH2: DS not in your most anticipated list???
  10. Wii General Discussion

    LOL Don't worry... wait a few more months..
  11. Wii General Discussion

    And it's fake. Already confirmed by the guy that made it
  12. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

    GOTY!!!! :bowdown::bowdown:
  13. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

    Neither do I... awesomeness is coming again!!! My most wanted title of all in any system
  14. High Voltage Software. Discuss...

    To me is simple: I love their attitude, they're technical above the average, and they're artistically bad. In the end, they lack the talent/resources to get talent to transform good/very good titles in awesome, but they have a lot of credit in what they do and I truly respect that. Hope they get the recognition they deserve.
  15. The Grinder

    Did you read the interview??? "Oh and there's also split screen coop mode currently running in the demo, which is also pretty awesome for those who may not have access to play together using a Wi-Fi connection."