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  1. Gamestation Smash Showdown

    Got my Ipod today Its a Dark Grey one as well, best colour
  2. Gamestation Smash Showdown

    I got a phonecall from them today, looks like theyre finally sorting themselves out
  3. Gamestation Smash Showdown

    I talked to the Nintendo guys after the Lewisham competition who said the ipods were on order and I should recieve mine within 17 days, I assume that will probably be the same for the guys in Leeds
  4. Gamestation Smash Showdown

    I was the Other Link at the Lewisham tourney that came second! Was a great semi final, and yeah the Lucas was quite good, tried to avoid him for most of the match I played absolutely terribly in the final though, nerves and stress just got to me I think, and the decision to play on Shadow Moses :S should have kept it Final destination, would have much preferred that. I remember you lol, we both asked the dude organising the Tourney to change our characters colours, had to play as Dark Link lol! Was a great Tournament, wish they'd do more in the future, and let me play as Wolf! Also anyone know where those pictures the organisers took are gonna be put up?