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  1. To see a headline telling them there was new stuff on the site that day?

  2. It costs you 18,751.46€ a year? Why do you do it then?


  4. The purple I used once to say the Garden game was gay?

  5. Fine, lock me out!

  6. Yo said it was fine that I was there/ :(

  7. Fine don't go on Digsby.

  8. Not on purpose, I might have by mistake with the phone in my pocked but I doubt it. It's out of battery now so I'll check a bit later and tell you.

  9. That's a creepy sentence. What do you mean by warm embrace?

  10. Nope, I don't even have your number anymore.

  11. I saw the second episode and there's some great stuff there I want to talk about, in suitable spoilers of course. Can you please let me back in. Discussion is dying... :(

  12. Why do you want me to?


    I just don't understand the reasoning about this random request, it is nothing against you. You know I like reason.

  13. The Santa Clause one?


    Your reasons are satisfactory :p you may add me.