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  1. I meant the whole friend mechanic. But I agree, a forum can be a great source to learn about social behaviour. Especially since it seems to be so different to behaviour with people you know personally.


    Nice to hear that you like my posts. :) You have some good posts too and I tend to agree with you on most things so I had no hesitation to accept.

  2. Sorry to ask you more questions, but why were you on my profile in the first place? I don't tend to go on people's profiles much.

  3. Just noticed your favourite game is the same as mine! It's destiny :)

  4. The second one really was lacking. I am still about 30% through it and don't feel like going further. Don't even know why Lloyd is evil yet. But don't really care to find out. It just lacked the charm.


    I've been longing for a game similar to Symphonia, but it doesn't seem to come out of Japan. And when it does it's on a console I don't have. Like the tales game on the Xbox 360. I was so happy it was coming to the PS3, but I'm still waiting for it. Tales of Graces as well. They just tempt me but never come.

  5. One finds it amazing, I love it. All the moves are amazingly cool and I don't have to be really strong to use them.

  6. I'm not sure, my friend said it was traditional.

  7. What's the new theme meant to be?

  8. I've only started so I'm not the clearest on what exactly is correlational, causation, predictor variable, independent variable etc. So what would you say it was, correlational or causation, I know their not the same, I just want to know what it is because it was somewhat of a learning experience. I know what they mean but it's a bit harder to put them into practice.

  9. Was going through Google Analytics on my site for fun. There's a new location with 26 visits. It's Schiedam in the Netherlands. It took that for me to realise you were from the Netherlands. Just thought I would tell you.

  10. Oh come on, it was a tiny joke. Truce? Please.

  11. What's all this then?

  12. I'm so happy, what was the criteria?

  13. I'm so proud of myself.


    Also, there's plenty of people that play mafia which you're not friends with.

  14. Did you do Psychology? You seem to reference Psychological theories regularly.

  15. You will replace SPAMBOT4000 in the mafia game.

  16. You're all about the BSG so I thought I would ask you this. In the second episode, the captain guy says the ship has enough water for several years. Then after the explosives go off, the report said they lost 60% of their water. Meaning they had 40% left. And then the captain guy says that they only have enough water for 6 days. How can several years go to 6 days if they lost 60%. For that to happen they would have had only 24 days of water in the first place. What am I missing here, as I seem to miss stuff with BSG, as your mafia showed.

  17. Is it satisfactory now?

  18. Would you like a complementary avatar?

  19. How be this?



  20. Damn, I shouldn't have deleted the Photoshop file. Well I guess I can still do it. Note to self, never delete the photoshop file until the client is happy.


    Oh, I have an idea.

  21. jonav-1.jpg


    Any objections, Adam?

  22. What if you just put the headline for the day, at least so people know there are new stuff and they can check on the site then. I currently have a google generated one that tells me when you have new stuff, and then I just click on the link and off I go to your site.

  23. Not going to answer my question eh?

  24. To see a headline telling them there was new stuff on the site that day?