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  1. Is this sudden desire to be my friend a direct result to the many forum discussions I've been in, eg. Mafia games, Bieber thread, Paranormal thread?


    I assume it was as you said, you like me and you wanted to tag the picture, but it could be related.

  2. Maybe I'll try it out for a while. Will I have to manually make it purple every post?

  3. Good luck on your greek exam today!

  4. Well you convinced me, I'm going to purple it up ya'll.

  5. Do people call you JigglyPeeps now since you were JigglyPuff?

  6. Why do you constantly write teh?

  7. Good thing I use Firefox now so I don't have to bother.

  8. And it looks nicer and is faster so I'm doing well.

  9. I am the zombie. Always. And you're next.

  10. Mean, it was a joke... :(

  11. What happened to Hayley?

  12. I'm druknk, so I might as well say that you're a sexy devil. I don't need to see you with your shir off to know that. Although I think you did take it off at the park once.


    GO L, Near is better though! WOOO"

  13. Why do you care MR. dead in all mafia games?

  14. Do games get their prices lowered after a while in shops because the game is not selling and the shop doesn't want to lose more money, or because the publisher lowers it?

  15. I'd rather be alive than remembered.

  16. I meant, why did you care if I updated the smash bros brawl mafia.

  17. I learnt my lesson, can I get back on the thread now?

  18. Sorry, got things messed up thinking you were waiting for jayseven's mafia. If you still want to be in the game, please PM me immediately.

  19. Mine says






    Coolness Bears






    mcj metroid

  20. Do you know any jquery?

  21. Does your site have RSS?

  22. Is that not the point of it? So you do not have to go visiting all the sites every day just to check if there is something new?

  23. Football friend!

  24. Not that I don't love the sentiment. But it seems like a random time to befriend me. Is there a particular reason. I'm just interested in social behaviour [Psychology course]. Not that this is an amazing source for social behaviour. Anyway I'm just wondering. I'll stop talking now.