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  1. Fine don't go on Digsby.

  2. Yo said it was fine that I was there/ :(

  3. Fine, lock me out!

  4. I'm so proud of myself.


    Also, there's plenty of people that play mafia which you're not friends with.

  5. I'm so happy, what was the criteria?

  6. What's all this then?

  7. I saw the second episode and there's some great stuff there I want to talk about, in suitable spoilers of course. Can you please let me back in. Discussion is dying... :(

  8. Oh come on, it was a tiny joke. Truce? Please.

  9. I've only started so I'm not the clearest on what exactly is correlational, causation, predictor variable, independent variable etc. So what would you say it was, correlational or causation, I know their not the same, I just want to know what it is because it was somewhat of a learning experience. I know what they mean but it's a bit harder to put them into practice.

  10. I'm not sure, my friend said it was traditional.

  11. One finds it amazing, I love it. All the moves are amazingly cool and I don't have to be really strong to use them.

  12. Mine says






    Coolness Bears






    mcj metroid

  13. I learnt my lesson, can I get back on the thread now?

  14. I'd rather be alive than remembered.

  15. I'm druknk, so I might as well say that you're a sexy devil. I don't need to see you with your shir off to know that. Although I think you did take it off at the park once.


    GO L, Near is better though! WOOO"

  16. Mean, it was a joke... :(

  17. I am the zombie. Always. And you're next.

  18. Is this sudden desire to be my friend a direct result to the many forum discussions I've been in, eg. Mafia games, Bieber thread, Paranormal thread?


    I assume it was as you said, you like me and you wanted to tag the picture, but it could be related.

  19. The Santa Clause one?


    Your reasons are satisfactory :p you may add me.

  20. Why do you want me to?


    I just don't understand the reasoning about this random request, it is nothing against you. You know I like reason.

  21. That's a creepy sentence. What do you mean by warm embrace?

  22. The second one really was lacking. I am still about 30% through it and don't feel like going further. Don't even know why Lloyd is evil yet. But don't really care to find out. It just lacked the charm.


    I've been longing for a game similar to Symphonia, but it doesn't seem to come out of Japan. And when it does it's on a console I don't have. Like the tales game on the Xbox 360. I was so happy it was coming to the PS3, but I'm still waiting for it. Tales of Graces as well. They just tempt me but never come.

  23. Just noticed your favourite game is the same as mine! It's destiny :)

  24. Sorry to ask you more questions, but why were you on my profile in the first place? I don't tend to go on people's profiles much.

  25. I meant the whole friend mechanic. But I agree, a forum can be a great source to learn about social behaviour. Especially since it seems to be so different to behaviour with people you know personally.


    Nice to hear that you like my posts. :) You have some good posts too and I tend to agree with you on most things so I had no hesitation to accept.