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  1. Do you know any jquery?

  2. Did you do Psychology? You seem to reference Psychological theories regularly.

  3. Why do you constantly write teh?

  4. jonav-1.jpg


    Any objections, Adam?

  5. Damn, I shouldn't have deleted the Photoshop file. Well I guess I can still do it. Note to self, never delete the photoshop file until the client is happy.


    Oh, I have an idea.

  6. How be this?



  7. Would you like a complementary avatar?

  8. Is it satisfactory now?

  9. Was going through Google Analytics on my site for fun. There's a new location with 26 visits. It's Schiedam in the Netherlands. It took that for me to realise you were from the Netherlands. Just thought I would tell you.


  11. Do people call you JigglyPeeps now since you were JigglyPuff?

  12. Nope, I don't even have your number anymore.

  13. Not on purpose, I might have by mistake with the phone in my pocked but I doubt it. It's out of battery now so I'll check a bit later and tell you.

  14. Sorry, got things messed up thinking you were waiting for jayseven's mafia. If you still want to be in the game, please PM me immediately.

  15. Do games get their prices lowered after a while in shops because the game is not selling and the shop doesn't want to lose more money, or because the publisher lowers it?

  16. And it looks nicer and is faster so I'm doing well.

  17. Good thing I use Firefox now so I don't have to bother.

  18. Not going to answer my question eh?

  19. You're all about the BSG so I thought I would ask you this. In the second episode, the captain guy says the ship has enough water for several years. Then after the explosives go off, the report said they lost 60% of their water. Meaning they had 40% left. And then the captain guy says that they only have enough water for 6 days. How can several years go to 6 days if they lost 60%. For that to happen they would have had only 24 days of water in the first place. What am I missing here, as I seem to miss stuff with BSG, as your mafia showed.

  20. What's the new theme meant to be?

  21. What happened to Hayley?