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  1. Super Funtime N-E Image Puzzle Game

    What's with the little blue birds all over the picture?
  2. Watch Dogs

    I honestly can't tell the difference between 60fps and 30fps.
  3. Eurovision 2014

    That's where you got your definition of trans wrong. The trans label refers to transgender, transsexual and transvestite. If he dresses up as a woman, he's a transvestite, and because he's operating in female gender norms, he's a transgender. While it may be an "act", it doesn't mean he doesn't think of it as part of himself and his identity. I don't know if he's specified it's not an act, but I don't think you can say something doesn't fit his act. Unless he specifically says he wants to appear like a stereotypical woman, then he can have any type of gender expression in his act.
  4. Eurovision 2014

    Why do you think it was a 'character act' and not the expression of her regular preferred appearance?
  5. Eurovision 2014

    I don't think it's transphobia. I think it's more trans ignorance.
  6. Forum User Photos

    If you know you have big feet and tiny shins, you can understand why someone would think you shouldn't wear shoes that blatantly highlight that. That's the help I'm trying to give you no matter how much sarcasm and 'satire' you keep trying to protect yourself with.
  7. Gotham

    I think the trailer stands up before all the cameo names at the end.
  8. Forum User Photos

    I'm just going to ignore your little hissy fit and get back to it. I know how concave mirrors work. The style of shoes you are wearing with skinny jeans make you look like you have clown feet regardless of mirrors. Skinny jeans require specific shoes or else they look weird. Take this picture for example. The guy on the right has similar shoes to you and they look weird with skinny jeans. Whereas the shoes on the left don't. But hey, you asked for opinions and then got all pissy when you received some so I won't try and help you anymore.
  9. Forum User Photos

    They make you look like you have clown feet, but it's your loss
  10. Forum User Photos

    The skinny jeans don't go with the shoes first of all, nevermind the jacket.
  11. Random Chit Chat

    He could make the other video private on youtube except for those with a link and then send the link around in PMs to everyone who wanted to see it *wink wink*
  12. Random Chit Chat

    For people who have low self-control and often don't do the things that they should be doing. I've recently learned that self-control is like a muscle, and fatigues over time, and even the act of making a decision can make all other subsequent decisions more prone to self-control failure. So for example, if you find you eat really shitty fast food when you get home from work, plan what you're going to make a few hours before and then it's easier to stick to a healthier decision. There's a lot more I've learnt, especially since I've done a final year module on it, have an essay due soon and an exam on it also due soon, so if people want to know more I can count is as studying
  13. Game of Thrones

  14. In the Flesh

    It looks interesting. I might acquire access to the first season and have a look. How many episodes is the second season?
  15. Job woes/wins

    Direct sales customer advisor, which is basically a phone role where I advise customers on certain things. Also during the interview, they said I was so good I made their day, which I thought was ridiculous. I'm so happy though!
  16. Job woes/wins

    Got my first full time job in Allied Irish Banks today!
  17. Twitch as in a quick spasm? Which can also mean quick and impulsive as an adjective, such as twitch decision and twitch response.
  18. Job woes/wins

    Did really well in the aptitude test and got called back for an interview! :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:
  19. Taboo Topics

    I thought it would be interesting to talk about a few topics that people consider taboo, to see if they should remain taboo for a good reason, or if they have no ground to stand on. So we can start with one topic, and after it's got enough discussion we can move to another, or create another thread. Whatever works. Incest Incest to most people is seen as disgusting. While there may be cultural reasons and religious reasons, I would say that the main reason is evolutionary. The sense of disgust was born to be an aversive response to things that are harmful to humans. As such, because inbreeding decreases hybrid vigour because of the higher probability of homozygous recessive alleles being passed through, which are generally bad. As such, those who were disgusted by incest were more likely to survive. Additionally, those who were more inclined to incestuous behaviour were less likely to survive. Another way that evolution has sought to decrease incest is the Westermarck effect. The smell of family members who are raised in close proximity to each other at young ages will deter sexual attraction. Incest is seen as morally wrong enough that it is illegal in many places. But unless there's other reasons besides the lower inclusive fitness of the behaviour, it should theoretically be fine when no potentially reproductive sex occurs. Be it because one of the incestuous people is infertile, either by choice or not, or because it is a homosexual couple, there is no danger of birth defects. So what do you think? Is incest wrong?
  20. Alien: Isolation

    You think they have bricks lying around in a space station?
  21. Alien: Isolation

    They could have you pick up a pipe in the game for peace of mind, but it would work for nothing more than throwing to make a noise at a distance, and Ripley's daughter knows that. If anything it slows you down and adds to the danger of making unwanted noises.
  22. Alien: Isolation

    I'm sure a pipe or a stick would keep you safe from that ¬¬
  23. Alien: Isolation

    That was great. I'm excited!
  24. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    I don't get how that pose in any way emphasises her bum. Oh my god, they've distorted his back into unnatural, fatal lengths just to emphasise his chest.