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  1. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    Thought I would update ;D
  2. Sonic Unleashed

    the robots and enemies have round shadows and the boxes have no shadows, gonna complain about that too?
  3. I never played any other zelda game before windwaker, i never saw any trailers or anything about TP until about a week before I got it and it was only a review. I have to say I enjoyed it alot and it's one of the best games i've ever played and i enjoyed it more than windwaker. Granted i was younger and couldn't even finish windwaker, I like TP alot. I think hype ruins games which is why I like how nintendo are announcing games later in their development like Wario Land.
  4. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    Chrome says theres malware on this page O.o Something about aol...
  5. Nintendo Wi-Fi Network Adapter

    Yeah, my friend has internet that is incompatable and this looks like a much better idea than the usb wifi thing. U dont need to have ur computer on and it doesnt need to be XP and its on all the time. Its a pretty good product I think. Might not come out of japan though... So it doesnt really matter to us.
  6. What games are you looking forward to?

    I'd like to add guitar hero world tour and tales of hearts.
  7. Rumor: RE2 Wiimake

    Havent played Re2, rather play a remake with IR shooting than a VC/gamecube game. Probably have extras too, sounds good.
  8. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    Yeah it has a weird touch thing. Look pretty good and I like the Linkin Park-ness...
  9. Sonic Unleashed

    Is the wii version made by the people who made Sonic Rush? or is it both Wii and PS2?
  10. Sonic Unleashed

    I think the pics look alright, u'll e running around quick anyway so u wont even notice. Playing sonic rush I know i rarely notice the background and have never even tried to see if he has a shadow...
  11. Post your desktop (56k time to Panic!)

    Anyone know of a free alternative to windows blinds? I change my desktop nearly every day now =D
  12. So u have to keep buying new xbox360s because its quieter every time one comes out. It must be nice to have that much money...
  13. The K.O.R.E

    Im just saying i like more realistic aesthetically pleasing characters like them instead of these weird, ugly things.
  14. The K.O.R.E

    Didnt like the art style or the graphics, Mario Galaxy and Twilight princess any day...
  15. Beating the Drought: What Have You Been Playing?

    Brawl [really good, can't stop] World ends with you [pretty boring but whatever] Fire emblem wii [realised i never finished it] I never really notice droughts, my friends keep complaining to me but I dont normally buy lots of games so I know how to occupy myself...
  16. Rumor: Resident evil 5, wii.

    The way u couldnt run made it scarier and more hectic which i think is what makes resident evil good.
  17. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    In ToS the camera only stayed around the first player. So thats very annoying for when playing with another person! And when 4 ppl are playing, which i can get easy, then its nearly unplayable... So i really wished they would fix that since they give an option to play with 3 other ppl. And what do u mean, 4 for each person on screen?
  18. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    Do u actually have the game or are u just guessing? I wanna know for sure, can anyone with the game give me a definate?
  19. PSN and Home Thread

    I heard Home will be free, will it? And do u have to make and apartment or can u make a house?
  20. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    Can anyone tell me if while battling the camera only centers on player one like last game, so if more than one person is playing they cant tell where they are?
  21. Sonic Unleashed

    kinda reminds u of the TP boxart
  22. Sonic Unleashed

    It worked for the first 2-D ones and sonic adventure 2 battle. For me anyway
  23. Sonic Unleashed

    Looks like the real thing definately!
  24. Linear vs Non-Linear

    Zelda is pretty linear... I like linear games like RPGS more then non linear games like animal crossing... I have enjoyed non linear games but linear ones keep me hooked for longer...