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  1. Wii HD in 2011?

    Wasn't this about Wii HD instead of SONY, 360, current wii...
  2. De Blob

    People seem to finish this game so quickly, its a bit daunting.
  3. I made a website, the one in my sig, and the format doesnt work on firefox, it works on chrome and IE 8 but not on firefox. It works on firefox when i open the page from my file, which has basically the same code. I think it might be freewebs doing something. Can anyone help? Nevermind, it was just freewebs. I found a much better one and it works fine.
  4. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    I know it was confirmed, but this is the first info on it!
  5. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    EEK, I lOVE TALES OF GAMES! Sorry, but this is probably the mothership title, can't wait for more info.
  6. Let's Tap

    im sure fappin would get the vibrations going.
  7. Site doesnt work on firefox?

    The thing is i can see how to make a better format, i just don't know what HTML code to put in. I need a place to learn better html and css. I didn't like that yellow website at all, no matter how simple it is. If i try to look at other sites in the page source then i get really confused and don't understand a thing. So i want to evolve bits over time and look at some tutorials. I thought the design i had was as simple as could be. Anyway thanks for feedback. It's great the way at least someone comments out of the 18 people that visited the site so far.
  8. Let's Tap

    looks like if u go all out it will keep falling.
  9. De Blob

    And that's what I was complaining about...
  10. De Blob

    I agree that the game doesn't look amazingly fun, but they thing i hate is that they never give it a chance.
  11. Site doesnt work on firefox?

    That's a bit vicious. I don't think it is a waste of time for many reasons. I know the writing is far from good but I think it's a good way to learn to get better. Could you expand on this? Well my friends were always going on about how there's no good games for the Wii, so I decided to make a site primarily to inform them in a simple way. So if other people want to use it it's a bonus. I rather make a website because I want my website skills to get better. This is more of a project/hobby than an actual place for the world to get their gaming news. In this way i think it makes it worthwhile. I am trying to improve my writing, that's why I'm taking up hobbies like these. And I will try harder, thanks.. With the font I'll try it out as arial as people don't like courier new. I'm not very good at making websites yet so the whole menu was the best I could do. I will look at that website and see if anything looks good, but I want to learn how to make a website more than just copy a template. Im not trying to make a website like IGN and wouldn't be able to if I wanted but I get what you mean and will try to improve there. I'll get rid of the counter, it just keeps statistics, which i like but I'll try to make it invisible. This site is also a way to become better on photoshop too, which I am also a beginner on. So to make my own logo will take a while, but I will try to make one over time. Again with the space problem, there's a lot of things I wanna do but don't have the HTML/CSS skills to do. And the more tips the better. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. De Blob

    I hate this, I was showing my friends deBlob saying it's a good game. And all they could say was "That looks shit, all you do is jump on buildings." It was so annoying, just because there's not any macho men shooting aliens it's not a good game. I hate that attitude.
  13. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    I agree. The other day me and my friend were speculating on how a pkmn mmo could be and we had lots of fun just imagining, playing would awesome.
  14. Nintendo Business/Sales Discussion

    Whenever i buy a game for the PC, I never know if its gonna work. Thats what i hate about it, even if i have all the requirements and above. And some games don't work on the internet for no reason...
  15. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    They can still make the DS games, you could still have a different sort of spin off on the wii, with real time battles and MMO. If it didn't work they could always just leave it like pokemon dash.
  16. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    I think it would be a really fun and exciting way to revamp the series that is, quite frankly, getting stale.
  17. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    4/10 Kind of boring. I like the paint effects though.
  18. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    There's nothing i really want right now, for this year. I'm pretty happy with the games for this year. I wouldn't mind though if they announced a new sword-fighting adventure Wii game with Wiimotionplus. But that won't happen...
  19. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    I think with wii-motion plus and wiispeak and nintendo getting more games out the wii is gonna do really well next 2 years. I don't think it will be "dated" in any way just because of HD graphics. I only know one of my friends with a HD TV and he plays wii on it, he has an xbox360 and he plays that in a small TV in his room. I don't think more ppl getting HD TV's will have much to do with it. I don't really care about HD TVs anyway...
  20. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    I don't want a new Wii2, I payed good money for this one and it hasn't lived it's full lifespan yet. Just like my DS Lite...
  21. Fragile Dreams

    WOW, this game looks amazing.
  22. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    9/10 Very good, I like the font.
  23. Rate the Above Poster's Avatar and Signature

    8/10 Thats pretty good, i love what it says
  24. Nintendo Holding a Conference- October 2nd

    I dont think its true either, seems a bit farfetch'd to me.