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  1. Wii Music!

    I agree, I want user created videos too!
  2. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    The GH tunes songs are so small they don't take up any space so they go in ur save memory. I'm back home so I'll add you all. Tapedeck and mokong!
  3. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    There's ur answer for u.
  4. Wii Music!

    HAHA, now your just being stupid.
  5. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    I tried joining the tour group, dunno if it worked though.
  6. Wii General Discussion

    The first one was pretty terrible in my opinion, I don't care what the reviews said, it was baaaad.
  7. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    Im gonna have to wait for a PAL release too.
  8. Wii Music!

    picture maybe?
  9. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    No review will keep me from getting this game, even if it was the exact same game as the first with the story somehow continued I would buy it!
  10. Call of Duty: World At War

    Some good internet peer pressure here XD My mam doesn't really care, wohooo!
  11. Wii Music!

    Can you play drums for melody or violin for percussion or stuff like that? Or is each part set to a few different instruments. Basically, can u play all instruments in all parts?
  12. Wii Music!

    I'm trying to convince my mam to get it, then i wont have to spend money on it and if I dont like it, it wasn't my money XD
  13. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    The new guitar is heavier and bigger. The buttons seem harder to push in than the GH3 guitar and the strum bar is "clickier", as it makes far louder clicks and is harder to strum quickly with. The + and - buttons are difficult to press quickly as they are very small but the new star power button is a nice addition. The whammy bar has also improved. The touch pad is not very responsive and the parts where you use it can be replaced with easier button presses. So if you have a GH3 guitar, unless you want 2 guitars for multiplayer, I don't suggest you get the new one.
  14. Wii Music!

    I went to the nintendo world tour today, i saw on the new nintendo website that wii music would be there, payed 12 euro to get in, and it wasn't there. Just old games I already have. Truly disappointing!
  15. The picture shown here before was clearly a DS game, it even had the two screens attached to each other...
  16. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    Sure am, my code is: 116130759576 I'm only getting into expert yet, hard is my comfort zone.
  17. Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

    I couldn't watch it but if its the orchestral one that's been out for a while, then I think its great.
  18. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    I got the game, if anyone wants to team up. [wii version] Impressions: Career has a lot of songs, and they are way easier than GH3. The backgrounds are pretty good and the create your rocker is really good too. I already got pretty attached to my guy. The career doesnt have the little animations after each sponsor that GH3 had and after a while playing gig after gig gets a little boring. Haven't tried the music studio yet but GH tunes seems pretty good and fast. There are some good songs here and there but not much yet. Also there are a few free DLC songs and the GHtunes songs seem to take up no memory blocks, or very little. I want to try out the wifi so can ppl with the game add me Any questions on the game I can answer too...
  19. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    there are and they take it down, but it's still up for a while...
  20. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    Getting this tomorrow, can't wait!
  21. Disaster: Day of Crisis

    I want this game, but I'll probably wait for christmas to get it...
  22. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    Also the Wii version has the rockout mode which was given some good feedback. I've also heard complaints that the PS3 guitar is clunky compared to the wii one, which i've heard no complaints about. : peace:
  23. Guitar Hero : World Tour

    Just pre-ordered the game and guitar today, getting it this friday. If I'm spending 100 euro on this game, I'm going for the best version, the wii one.
  24. Wii Music!

    Grade yourself, thats ridiculous ¬¬ I dont get why ppl need to be graded to be happy with what they do...