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  1. Assassin's Creed Unity

    I'm getting the ps4 version.
  2. Mafia General Discussion Thread

    I'm basically busy as fuck for the last few months so don't have much time for n-europe in general, never mind a game like this. Sorry...
  3. The Last Of Us

    I played the Last of Us Remastered and I found it to be amazing. Hadn't played the game before and it just ticked all the right boxes. It was intense, exciting, gripping, emotional. Really good. Tried the multiplayer too but it was taking too long to connect so I just left it.
  4. Funny Stuff Thread

    Aww, that dog is so cute!
  5. Watch Dogs

    I've only played it on the PS3 and it's very good. I don't know what I'm missing from the PS4 version but it seems to have everything except the one multiplayer mode.
  6. Watch Dogs

  7. Watch Dogs

    Still loving this game, playing it every chance I get. Got nearly 100% on everything except for check ins. Got all the perks for online too with over 12,500 notoriety. Was able to beat this guy in multiplayer who was apparently 17th in the world.
  8. Watch Dogs

    I'm the complete opposite, I absolutely love this game. Haven't got any of the glitches you've mentioned and I really liked the story missions. Also turning off invasions takes half the fun out of the game. I just love how alive the city feels. If you stand still you can see people sneezing, going down to tie their shoes, talk about their lives or ctOS, spit on the ground, get robbed. Everyone reacts when you're running with a gun, when they notice you're the vigilante, when you're chasing after someone, when you're driving maniacally. Might even buy it on the ps4 in the future to get a chance to see it in better quality and be able to do the decryption multiplayer. oops, didn't notice there was another page.
  9. Watch Dogs

    Of course it continues if the hacked person leaves the zone, or else they could just run away, pause the download and never lose. And if course it stops if the hackers leaves, or else they could run away and always win. I don't know what you'd expect.
  10. Watch Dogs

    what are you trying to say in that last paragraph? The download stops if the person hacking goes out of zone, but not if the one being hacked does it. It would be ridiculous and unfair if it didn't work that way.
  11. Watch Dogs

    Found out today, after buying the game that Watch Dogs for last gen systems doesn't have online free roam and decryption multiplayer. Pissed off...
  12. Watch Dogs

    online tailings don't notify the person that you're invading them unless they're doing specific activities that give it away, like missions or trying to join an online match. Funny to think that any NPC could be someone.
  13. Watch Dogs

    I've been using Ethernet as well and I think that's a ps3 issue. The ps3 is absolutely crap for me, regularly disconnects from psn, says the nat won't work, etc. I just pull out the Ethernet cable and put it back in and it seems to fix it for a while.
  14. Watch Dogs

    Absolutely in love with this game. The online modes are great, the world feels so alive and the hacking gameplay is really fun. So satisfying to get away by hacking an train.
  15. Hyrule Warriors

    Since he's never shown interest in men either the correct conclusion is that he's asexual.
  16. Watch Dogs

    Yeah, I caved and bought it yesterday.
  17. Watch Dogs

    I was contemplating waiting until I got the PS4 so I could get a more optimal experience but that won't happen for a few months and I can't wait so I'm getting it as soon as possible.
  18. Watch Dogs (Nov 21st)

    I think it looks great even with the shitty players.
  19. Hyrule Warriors

    I like Link's design, but then I'm a sucker for androgeny. I think it's a bit offensive though to say someone looks like a tart because they look feminine.
  20. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Does anyone else think Ike's sword looks smaller?
  21. Want Face

    I want this bad boy and will be getting it within 2 months
  22. Forum User Photos

    It's very easy to wash it off afterwards.
  23. Awesome stuff thread

    I'm pretty sure that level was in skyward sword?
  24. Random Chit Chat

    Prince oberyn is a bisexual. Is that your approach?
  25. Forum User Photos

    Well done. Just finished a 4th year thesis myself so I know the feels!