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  1. Can someone look over these PC component choices

    Yeah, the ATI cards look quite good, I'm going to spend more time looking into GFX cards. Thanks for all the help, Its reassuring knowing all the stuff I've chosen will work together haha. I'm going to start buying the stuff now, see you on the other side
  2. Can someone look over these PC component choices

    OK, so does it not matter if the PSU isn't for mATX motherboards then? I've been looking in a category for mATX ones because of the mobo I'm going to get. I can just get a regular well-known 400w one? I might go for the 9800GT actually, I think I'd like to be able to play some games on the thing.
  3. Can someone look over these PC component choices

    Ah right. I have this PC in mind for uni, working with giant uncompressed HD video files - so programs like After Effects and Premiere. Would it be good for that or should I still consider upgrading? Edit: Also, is the PSU okay then? I kinda just took an educated guess with that one, wasn't really sure how much power I'll need or anything.
  4. Hey So I wanted to start up a little "build my own PC" project to keep me busy, and after hours of research and learning I came up with this setup:
  5. College Help

    I read all the posts, and I said thanks for everyones input, I don't see what the problem is lol.
  6. College Help

    Haha I read it, I based my decision to stay on the list of grades you gave. Also, I think personally I prefer the technical side of films, the computer programs and camera work etc.
  7. College Help

    Haha, the divine plan is to goto America and try and get into a uni there, I think if I'm gonna get anywhere with film production, I'm best off getting my degree there. Failing that, I'm not opposed to London. Thanks a lot everyone, you've made me feel a lot better about my course choice.
  8. College Help

    They have Adobe After Effects, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Encore and Photoshop on the computers in the TV studio at my college (its an Art, Media and Performance college), they also have lots of big industry cameras and dollies, a green screen etc. I guess I got lucky and found a good college then? I think I'll stay knowing that distinctions are worth A's. Thanks a lot guys.
  9. College Help

    Your kidding right? edit: I just looked that up and I found this
  10. College Help

    Hah, it seems the only time I post here is when I ask for advice. Anyway, I signed up and just had my first week in college, I took a National Diploma in Moving Image and I want a career in either Film or TV. I figured this was the best choice because I was told it was equivalent to 3 A-Levels, is this actually true? If I get 3 high distinctions in this course will I have the same chance as say... A grade A-levelers to get into a good university? I also don't know anyone at this new college but that'll sort itself out after a couple of weeks. Now, I put off the idea of going to the sixth form at my old high school, its where all my old school mates are and theres still a 2 week period to transfer, if I wanted to. Thing is, if I took media as an A level, I'd have to do all the radio, magazines, newspapers etc, and I figured thats just wasted time on my part. Plus, they don't have many good resources for video production, no After Effects or Final Cut Pro, and only a couple of hand held DV cameras. So, whats best for me? Which of the 2 has the better chance of me getting a good place in Uni? I seem to ask teachers this but they always dance around the question, I want a proper answer from people who have been through it all. Thanks a lot.
  11. Damnit! I've had 3 laptops, and all of their mouse pads have gone crazy... I move the cursor one way, it fights with me and tries to go the other way. But this new HP laptop I got is the worst... The mouse just starts jumping up and down the screen vertically. Now my theory to all of this mousepad trouble was that things got stuck in the crevices around the mousepad, y'know, a physical problem. But this new vertical craziness is perfectly straight (I tested by going on paint and holding the left click down) and the mousepad is perfectly clean, which leads me to believe its a software problem? I tried system restore and it's still happening. Anywho, has anyone else had this problem? Is there some sort of software fix or anything like that? Thanks in advance guys.
  12. American cable in the UK?

    Hey, OK, I've looked everywhere but this must be possible, right? I don't really know how it all works, but I love watching American sports like Basketball, and Sky just doesn't cut it. Is there anyway for me to receive American cable over here? Preferably legal, I don't mind paying the operator or anything. Failing that, does anyone know a good way to get American TV through my computer, or do I have to be in America? I know Sky do the whole "watch your favorite TV shows online" thing, I presume they do. I just need to put and end to this question, it's killin' me! Thanks a lot guys.
  13. Two Routers?

    Wait, are these routers connected into different phone line sockets in your house, or is the second router connected directly to the first one as an... extension kind of thing? Because I know that works.
  14. Two Routers?

    Sounds good, I'll give it a go, if for some reason my plug sockets arnt connected I'm sure I can get a refund. Thanks Jordan.
  15. Two Routers?

    Thats cool, I didn't know about them. 2 questions though - Would using those homeplug adaptors slow down the connection compared to a normal ethernet cable? How can I be sure that all my plugs sockets or connected? I dont know much about electrical wiring in the house, are they always all connected? Thanks.