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  1. Pretty good so far. They use O2s network so coverage is good. The only problem is that the goodybags don't automatically renew, so you have to remember to do it. They are planning on introducing an auto-renew feature but it's not here yet.


    If you do decide to join them then let me know and I can send you a sim out. That way we both get £5 credit for free.

  2. You won da caption comp.



  3. You won Mock teh Thread.

  4. You are teh caption winrar/

  5. I don't actually have anything to reply to your pm. But I just wanted you to know that I read it and agree with it. But I will reserve my right to criticise other people's use of language that I dislike/disagree with, and to feel superior whilst I'm doing it.

  6. You've won the caption competition.

  7. Has the quiz finished or just temporarily closed?

  8. Very nice. It made me laugh.

  9. Why did you "like" my new friendship thing on facebook?

  10. Did you get my message on msn?

  11. So very frustating. I was so close.

  12. Yeah sure. Are you there for friday and saturday night?

  13. I do think so.

  14. Are you going to edit your profile?

  15. Lonely. I am so lonely. I have nobody, for my ooowwwwwn!